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Professional Development Opportunities for Educators: Take advantage of these amazing courses to upgrade your skills and to fulfill recertification requirements.

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Courses beginning in May

Instruction of Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers course (photo)

BIOL/ED F595P-F01 Intro to Alaska’s Birds
May 12-16, 1 credit. CRN 52149/52150
Susan Guers, M.S.

ED F624-F01 Foundations of Education in Alaska:
From Segregation to Standards

May 12-June 5, 3 credits, CRN 51441
Amy Vinlove, M.A.

ED F687-F61 Alaska: Resources, People and Perspectives
May 26-July 1, 3 credits, CRN 52155
Roy Roehl, Ph.D.

EDSE F642-F61/F62/F63 Autism Spectrum Disorder
May 26-July 1, 3 credits
Classroom CRN 51447
Audio CRN 51448
Video CRN 51449
Joanne Healy, Ph.D.

Courses beginning in June

ED F595-F02/ED F595-F04 Enhancing Agricultural Literacy for Regular, Gifted and Special Education Teachers
1 credit, CRN 52198
2 credits, CRN 52200 (Additional work required after June 5.)
June 2-5
Marilyn Krause, M.S.

BIOL F195P-F02 Introduction to Alaska's Flora
1 credit, CRN 52368
June 4, 6, 11, 13
Stefanie Ickert-Bond, Ph.D.

ED F625-F01 Exceptional Learners and Child Development: Individual and Cultural Characteristics
3 credits, CRN 51440
June 8-19 In class
June 22-September 11 Online
Mary O'Connor, M.S.

BIOL F195P-F01 Introduction to Alaska's Mammals
June 18-June 21, 1 credit, CRN 52064 Syllabus
Aren Gunderson, M.S.

ED F626-F01 Teaching Reading, Writing, and Language Arts
3 credits, CRN 51438
June 22-July 2 In class
July 3-August 7 Online
Kiane Kardash, M.A.

BIOL F145-F01 Introduction to Field Entomology
June 26-28, 1 credit, CRN 51998 Syllabus
Derek Sikes, Ph.D.

JUST F395-F01 Workshop in Restorative Justice: Implications for Juvenile Justice
June 26-28, 1 credit, CRN 52151
Joanne Katz, J.D.

Courses beginning in July

Summer Visual Arts academy ceramics student (photo)

EDSE F632-F71 Special Education Law: Principles and Practices
July 6 – August 13, 3 credits, CRN 51445
Philip Patterson, Ph.D.

ED F595P-F03 The Wild Side of Education: Teacher Workshop in Yukon – Charley Rivers National Preserve
3 credits, CRN 52160, 2015 Syllabus
July 14, 16 & 28 Morris Thompson Cultural Center, Fairbanks
July 21-24 Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve
Maria Berger, M.Ed.

ED F595P-F31 Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: Applied Visual Art
July 12 – 26, 2 credits, CRN 51632
Various instructors

MUS F595-F31 Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: Educator Enrichment
July 12-26, 1 or 2 credits
Jaunelle Celaire, Ph.D.

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