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Our tutors are available Monday-Friday in the Tutoring Center. Check our detailed schedule for available times.

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Genevieve Johnson: We're thrilled to have Genevieve back as a returning tutor! She tutors Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and many other courses. Genevieve is also a great resource for information about the BLaST program, she is a recently appointed BLaST mentor!

Sidney Huhndorf: I'm currently attending UAF as a student in the Petroleum Engineering program. I hope to graduate with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering and start a career in the oil and gas industry shortly after. I'm from Galena, which is a small town along the Yukon River approx. 360 or so nautical miles west of Fairbanks. Hobbies and interests of mine include Longboarding, snowboarding, flying, automotive projects, drinking coffee and racing autocross.


Alan Lipka

My name is Alan Lipka. I tutor in Math and Psychology. I received a bachelors in Psychology from UAF in 2009 and am currently studying Mining Engineering. I was born in Alaska and have lived in Fairbanks for most of my life. When I'm not studying I enjoy snowboarding, camping, cooking and getting addicted to TV shows in the winter. I just started working at SSS and am really excited about getting to help others. 

Lutfi Lena

Lutfi Lena:  I am a student at UAF School of Management. I plan on graduating with a BBA in Accounting and Economics. I enjoy spending my time discovering new places to travel while keeping up with news about financial markets and soccer leagues.

Gina Rotermund

Gina Rotermund: I tutor English and Spanish. I was born and raised here in Fairbanks, and absolutely love Alaska. When I'm not drowning in copious amounts of reading assignments, I love getting outside (even in the winter time!). I enjoy hiking, camping, running, skiing, and spending quality time with my friends.

Keanu Paikai

Hi, I am Keanu Paikai. I tutor in Math, Physics, and Engineering courses. I am studying mechanical engineering.


Ken Shin

Hello! My name is Kenneth Shin. People call me Ken. I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. My parents and I moved to California about 10 years ago. I have been in Fairbanks about two years and love this place. I used to live near Yosemite National Park in California so I did a lot of hiking, camping, and fishing. Fly-fishing for salmon here is a truly awesome experience. When I am not studying for Biochemistry or working, I like to travel, learn new languages, and play baseball and tennis. My life-time goal is to visit all 30 baseball stadiums in the U.S. I am studying at UAF to earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and do a cancer research about metabolism and genetic markers for proto-oncogenes.

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