Resources for SSS Students

Financial Resources
(including scholarships)

First, have you submitted your FAFSA?

Beyond your FAFSA...

The following resources can be used as a guide to help you find and apply for scholarships. For a hard copy or to work with your SSS advisor on a scholarship application, please come by our office!
SSS Emergency Scholarship - The purpose of this scholarship is to provide temporary financial relief for unexpected personal expenses or in emergency-type situations to current UAF Student Support Services program participants. Please consult your SSS advisor prior to applying.

Community Resources

Click here to access a document listing different resources available in Fairbanks. The categories are as follows:

  • Medical Resources
  • Hostels & Hotels
  • Taxis
  • Rental Cars
  • Legal Resources
  • Financial & Public Assistance
  • Disability Resources
  • Shelters
  • Veterans Resources
  • Childcare and Child Services
  • Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Resources
  • Spiritual Resources
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • General and Other Resources

There is also a physical binder in our office that you are welcome to look through.


Study Resources

a student studying
UAF photo by Todd Paris
For a list of tutors, labs, and other learning support--on the UAF campus and beyond--click here!
Our program has laptop computers available for check out. Stop by our office and sign up.

Update your contact information with SSS online.

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