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Twice a semester your student organization is required to submit a Student Organization Report.
The spring 2016 report due dates are February 29 and April 18, 2016.
Each report should include a summary of recent activities and at least three photos.
Completion of all reports is required in order for the student organization to receive any funding from SOM.


Everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you didn't) about raising money through your student organization:

UAF Graphic Standards

Want to create a flyer, poster, or some other advertisement for your student organization? This info is for you.

UAF now has a comprehensive brand book. Check it out for powerpoint, brochure, and flyer templates, as well as official fonts, colors, and more! You can also find a lot of information at the UAF Branding webpage.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter and Youtube, oh my!

Many people use social media to interact nowadays, with over 1.23 billion active users (as of January 2014) on Facebook alone. UAF and SOM are active on both Facebook and Twitter and student organizations are starting to join in on the fun. Keep in mind that your social media sites should be just as professional as your website. Social media is generally more informal, but don't post anything you wouldn't want your mother - or SOM Dean Herrmann -  to read.

A quick tip for Facebook:

  • Create a group if it's just for members of your student organization
  • Create a page if it's for everyone
  • Make sure more than one person, preferably your faculty advisor, is an admin

More social media resources:


Websites are a great way to distribute information to current and potential members. The standard for UAF student organizations is to create a website through Google sites using your account.

Websites need to be regularly updated. If your website hasn't been updated in over a year and has spelling and punctuation errors, your student organization is not going to make a good impression. SOM reserves the right to remove links to your website from our site if a student organization site is not being well-maintained.

A few resources that could come in handy:


Download - CMYK, high resolution, good for print

Download - RGB, lower resolution, good for web

Download - CMYK, high resolution, good for print

Download - RGB, lower resolution, good for web

Download - CMYK, high resolution, good for print

Download - RGB, lower resolution, good for web

For UAF logos, click here.

AA/EO Statement

Federal law requires the following statement to appear on all UAF print, multimedia and web publications designed for external, off-campus distribution.

UAF is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educational institution.


UAF is an AA/EO employer and educational institution

For even more info:

Click here to head over to the Wood Center website for even more resources for student organizations.

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