Guide to Registering

Step by Step Guide to Registering

To register for classes you must first print and fill out your Registration Form and turn it in to the SOM Academic Advisor, 205 Bunnell. Allow 24 hours for it to process through the registrars office. Finally, you will need to log-in again to UAOnline to add your classes electronically.

Step 1: Print and fill out your Registration Form:

1. Log-in to UAOnline, go to the Student Services & Account Information Tab

2. Click on "Registration"

3. Click on "Check Your Registration Eligibility"

4. Select Term

5. Click on the "Print your UAF Registration Form Here". The boxes will display if you have holds or not. If you do have holds you may need to contact the Registrars office to remove them prior to registering.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form

1. Don’t forget your student ID in upper right hand corner and to date and sign.

2. Turn in to the SOM Academic Advisor, 205 Bunnell.

If you need to go over what classes to take, call to set up an appointment with the SOM Academic Advisor: 907-474-7461.

Step 3: Add classes on UAOnline:

1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 above

2. Click on “Register/Add/Drop classes”

3. At bottom of screen you will see "Add Classes Worksheet"

4. In the boxes, enter the 5-digit CRN numbers for the classes you are registering for. Click "Submit Changes"

You are not registered until you complete this last step!

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