Mike Pippenger

Dr. Mike Pippenger

Associate Professor, Economics
Office 217A, Bunnell Building
(907) 474-6530

Curriculum Vitae

Research and Scholarly Interests

International Trade & Finance and Research Methodology


1990 PhD Economics, Purdue University

1987 MS Economics, Purdue University

1985 AM Social Science (Economics Concentration), University of Chicago

1981 BS Economics, Ball State University

Recent Publications

Wisen, C., Chiang, K., Pippenger, M., & Collins, J. (2014). Pricing A Pig In A Poke: Endogenous Valuations And Storage Unit Auctions. Journal of Business and Economics Research, 12 (4), 323-236.

Reynolds, D. & Pippenger, M. (2010). OPEC and Venezuelan Oil Production: Evidence Against a Cartel Hypothesis.Energy Policy, 38, 6045-6055.

Goering, G. & Pippenger, M. (2009). Exchange Rates and Concurrent Leasing and Selling in Durable-Goods Monopoly.Atlantic Economic Journal, 37, 187-196.

Goering, G. & Pippenger, M. K. (2003). Durable Goods, Commitment Power and Public Monopolies.The Manchester School, 71 (6), 611-625.

Goering, G. E. & Pippenger, M. K. (2003). Dynamic Consistency and Monopoly.Atlantic Economic Journal, 31 (2), 188-194.

Goering, G. & Pippenger, M. K. (2003). Managerial Incentives and Strategic Investor Behavior.Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, 41 (1/2), 43-59.

Goering, G. E. & Pippenger, M. (2002). Durable Goods Monopoly and Forward Markets.International Journal of the Economics of Business.

Goering, G. E. & Pippenger, M. K. (2002). Strategic Trade Policy with Endogenous Product Durability.International Trade Journal.

Pippenger, M. & Goering, G. E. (2000). Additional Results on the Power of Unit Root and Cointegration Tests under Threshold Processes.Applied Economics Letters, 7, 641-644.

Goering, G. E. & Pippenger, M. K. (2000). International Trade and Commercial Policy for Durable Goods.Review of International Economics, 8 (2), 275 - 294.

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