BAKLAP Deliverables

BAK-LAP Deliverables flowchart

Descriptions of deliverables under the agreement:

The BAK LAP project will be accomplished through the completion of 13 deliverable products organized into three tiers as follows:

Tier 1 Deliverables: Core Products for Management, Science, and Public Use

1.1 Title: Data Atlas of Forest Research Installations (DAFRI)

1.2 Title: Operational Regeneration Assessment (ORA)

1.3 Title: K-20 Curriculum Development: STEM to STEAM (STEAM)

1.4 Title: Forest Entrepreneur Camp (FORENCA)

1.5 Title: Scientific Publications on Forest Production and Climate (SCI PUB)

Tier 2 Deliverables: Synthesis and Application of Tier 1 Products

2.1 Title: Scientific Input for Optimum Management Practices: Biomass and Climate (OMP)

2.2 Title: K-12 Teacher Professional Development Courses (K-12PD)

2.3 Title: Curriculum for In-service Biomass Course for Professional Foresters (BICFOR)

2.4 Title: Citizen Science Field Training and Framework Development (CITFORSCI)

Tier 3 Deliverables: Support and Extension of Tier 1 and 2 Products

3.1 Title: Boreal Forest Management and Education - Internet Book/Portal (BFEM)

3.2 Title: BAK LAP Website (BAKLAP WEB)

3.3 Title: Forest Management Outcomes Report (FORMOR)

3.4 Title: Research and Installation Needs Assessment (RINA)

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