Scott Rupp

Professor of Forestry & Director, Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning (SNAP)

Contact information:
Phone: 907-474-7535
Fax: 907-474-6184
Location: International Arctic Research Center (Akasofu Building), Room 405

Curriculum vitae:
B. S., 1993, Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., 1998, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Research interests: 
ecosystem and landscape ecology emphasizing secondary succession, regeneration, and disturbance dynamics in subarctic and boreal forest.

Current research programs:
1) Modeling boreal forest dynamics,
2) Fuel loading,
3) Developing custom fuel models,
4) Fire risk analysis,
5) Fire-climate interactions,
6) Long-term ecological research (LTER)

Examples of research support:
S. TRAINOR, J. WALSH, T.S. RUPP, J. MATHIS, and P. LORING. 2011. Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP): Interactive Climate Science for Alaska. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. $3,620,000.

A.D. McGUIRE, T.S. RUPP, V. ROMANOVSKY, E. EUSKIRCHEN and S. MARCHENKO. 2011. Development and Application of an Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska. Department of Interior. $3,900,000.

T.S. RUPP, J. BLAKE, and A. KLISKEY. 2010. Alaska Climate Science Center. Department of Interior. $6,500,000.

Examples of publications:
Johnstone, J.F., T.S. Rupp, M. OlsOn, and D. Verbyla. 2011. Modeling impacts of fire severity on successional trajectories and future fire behavior in Alaskan boreal forests. Landscape Ecology, in press.

K. JOLY, D.R. KLEIN, D.L. VERBYLA, T.S. RUPP and F.S. CHAPIN III. 2010. Linkages between large-scale climate patterns and the dynamics of Arctic ungulate populations. Ecography. 34:345-352.

BRUBAKER, L.B., P.E. HIGUERA, T.S. RUPP, M. OLSON, P.M. ANDERSON, and F.S. HU. 2009.  Linking sediment charcoal records and ecological modeling to understand causes of past fire-regime change in Alaskan boreal forests. Ecology. 90:1788-1801.

CHEYETTE, D.L., T.S. RUPP, and S. RODMAN. 2008. Developing fire behavior fuel models for the wildland-urban interface in Anchorage, Alaska.  Western Journal of Applied Forestry. 23:149-155.

RUPP, T.S., X. CHEN, M. OLSON, and A.D. McGUIRE. 2007. Sensitivity of simulated land cover dynamics to uncertainties in climate drivers. Earth Interactions. 11(3):1-21.  

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