Update in Required Trainings

UAF has migrated to a new training format that is more UAF-specific.  In an effort to lessen your time commitment and provide timely feedback on your training results, the updated, basic safety training has been reduced in number but still provides all pertinent safety information for UAF employees.  Intelex and Skillsoft will no longer be used for this basic safety training.

Intelex will be used to track your training and, until next month, will include all of the 8 trainings that were originally required.  If you take all of the updated safety training, you will receive credit for all basic safety training listed in Intelex.  After this month they simply will no-longer show up as a requirement.  EHSRM will update the list of required training in Intelex after Friday, April 17.  All training completed that no longer show on individual’s training requirements after this date will be archived.

If you have any questions, please contact Thadd Williamson at 474-2762.

Employee Required Training

Basic Safety Classes required for ALL UAF staff, faculty and student employees.

  • Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) - Department specific, talk to your supervisor

What additional training do you need?

Determine your training needs using this
Workplace Assessment Training Questionnaire

Accessing Your UAF Safety Training Records

Supervisors:  Detailed training reports can be run for department supervisors for their employees.  Please contact Thadd Williamson to request a report.

Employees:  To view your personal safety training log, go to INTELEX; sign in with your UA ID and password, and click on the tab “My Training”.  This tab provides a record of all safety training you have taken to date as well as any trainings that are still required.  Any questions regarding your training should be directed to Thadd Williamson.


In addition to the required safety training, you are also required to take the following lab safety related trainings:

UAF Laboratory Safety ppt & QUIZ

UAF Chemical Hygiene ppt & QUIZ

UAF Hazardous Waste Management (introduction) & QUIZ

NOTE:   You must take the above UAF specific training.   Skillsoft training will not count.

Please check HERE for any additional lab safety trainings you may need.

Contact Information

Thadd Williamson

Phone: 474-2762