Employee Safety Quiz July-Dec

Please complete the below Employee Safety Quiz by clicking on the box that best represents a correct answer. 

Once you have completed the quiz click the "Submit to EHS&RM" button and the quiz will be emailed directly to fysafety@uaf.edu. Your quiz will be graded and entered into the safety training database.

Are You:

1. What regulatory agency is most notable for developing and enforcing Safety Regulations / Directives?

2. Can your department be fined for OSHA Safety Violations?

3. Many injuries on campus occur from what common accident?

4. Which training is required for all UAF employees?

5. What is UAF's policy regarding the use of seat belts in UAF owned or rented vehicles?

6. Fill out an Incident / Accident Report when an accident results in?

7. If a student, visitor, or volunteer is injured in your department, you should:

8. You may need an ergonomic assessment if:

9. If an injured worker is transported to the hospital, you must:

10. The best way to report an unsafe condition is: