Hazard Communication Quiz July-Dec

Please complete the below Hazard Communication Training Quiz by clicking on the box that best represents a correct answer. 

Once you have completed the quiz click the "Submit to EHS&RM" button and the quiz will be emailed to fysafety@uaf.edu.  Your quiz will be graded and entered into the safety training database.

You are:

1. Labels do not provide:

2. You are to be instructed on the health hazards for the hazards in your work area:

3. Employees must know how to obtain, and the location of:

4. Which of the following is NOT required in the Hazard Communication Program:

5. Radio waves are a physical hazard that may be present in the workplace:

6. UAF uses which labeling system:

7. The source for detailed information about a chemical is found:

8. Material Safety Data Sheets must be:

9. Product substitution is part of:

10. Chemicals and/or other physical hazards may enter the body through: