Toolik Field Station Lab Safety Quiz

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You must score an 85% or higher (12 correct out of 14) on this quiz in order to attain a passing grade.


1. Because you work with chemicals in a laboratory, federal law (OSHA) requires that you be familiar with:

2. At the end of the work day, chemicals that have been used for experiments should be:

3. Which of the following are acceptable in a lab where chemicals are used (check all that apply)

5. Mike uses sodium hydroxide solutions and phosphoric acid in his work, and spends about 4 hours per day working with these chemicals. He wears disposable nitrile gloves, which are acceptable to use with these chemicals. Which of the following is TRUE regarding Mike's use of these gloves?

6. Flammable chemicals are color-coded:

7. Corrosive chemicals are color-coded:

8. Health hazards are color-coded:

9. When diluting strong acids, you should:

10. Sodium nitrate, silver nitrate, nitric acid, and perchloric acid are all examples of:

11. Examples of physical hazards that may be encountered in a lab include ALL of the following, EXCEPT:

12. To prevent backwashing of chemical vapors out of a chemical fume hood, all work should be conducted at least _____ inside the fume hood.

13. A lab worker lost her grip while carrying a 2.5 L bottle of concentrated hydrochloric acid. The bottle broke and splashed acid all over the front of her lab coat and pants. The quantity is sufficient to have soaked through the lab coat and has gotten the clothing underneath wet. In addition to notifying his/her supervisor as soon as possible of the accident, s/he should:

14. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning chemical storage in a lab?

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