Non-Lab Personnel Lab Safety Quiz

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Are you:

1. You need to go into Sally's Lab to change a burnt-out light bulb in the ceiling. On the door to the lab you notice a sign that says you must wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when entering the lab. You:

2. Flammable, corrosives, reactives, and oxidizers are all what type of hazard?

3. You need to perform work in a lab. Which of the following conditions does NOT apply before starting work?:

4. Before beginning work in a fume hood, you should always check with the Lab Supervisor, Department Safety Coordinator or UAF Industrial Hygienist to determine whether the fume hood has been used for work with perchloric acid.

5. You found five gallons of old lead paint at the UAF Physical Plant. What do you do with the cans?

6. You are cleaning the floor in a lab where chairs and waste baskets are in the way. What do you do with them?:

7. Never enter a lab containing radioactive materials without authorization from the Lab Supervisor or the UAF Radiation Safety Officer.

8. You notice a bottle that has the diamond shape, blue, red, yellow and white numerical hazard rating on it. All the blocks have either a 3 or 4 in them. This means:

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