Methylene Chloride Quiz

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1. Methylene chloride is:

2. The 8-hour permissible exposure level (PEL) for methylene chloride is:

3. The action level for methylene chloride is 12.5 ppm over an 8 hour day. If you are exposed at or above this level:

4. Methylene chloride vapors are lighter than air and will readily rise toward the exhaust systems in your lab.

5. The most likely route of exposure to methylene chloride is:

6. Acute symptoms of methylene chloride exposure include:

7. The CDC recommends that methylene chloride be treated as a suspected carcinogen (lung and liver).

8. Because it evaporates so readily, methylene chloride:

9. Suitable gloves for methylene chloride include:

10. You are working in the lab and spill about a liter of methylene chloride on the floor. You should:

11. You are working inthe lab when your coworker spills several hundred milliliters of methylene chloride on his pants. You should:

12. To dispose of methylene chloride waste, you can either allow it to evaporate in the fume hood, or dilute it 100-fold and pour it down the drain.

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