Hazardous Materials Shipping Awareness Quiz

Please complete the below Hazardous Materials Shipping Awareness Quiz by clicking on the box that best represents a correct answer. 

Once you have completed the quiz click the "Submit to EHS&RM" button and the quiz will be emailed directly to fysafety@uaf.edu.   Your quiz will be graded and entered into the safety training database.

Are you:

1. The purpose of this training is:

2. It is okay to ship some hazardous materials through the U.S. Mail as long as they are triple-packaged.

3. If someone asks me to mail or ship something for them, I should:

4. If I need help with shipping hazardous materials, or if I am having trouble deciding whether or not something is hazardous, I should:

5. Chainsaws, ice augers, and bear spray are considered hazardous materials for transportation purposes.

6. Peter Procrastinator brings several boxes into your office and demands that you ship them to Lilliput as soon as possible because the materials are needed for a class that starts tomorrow. You note that all of the boxes are small, and two of them have red diamond-shaped stickers on them. The sticker also says, "Flammable liquid" and has the number "3" on it. You remember that the sticker means that there is a hazardous material in the box. What should you do?

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