Hand and Power Tool Quiz

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You are:

1. Compressed air used for cleaning shall not be used for cleaning purposes EXCEPT where reduced to:

2. Tools made of soft metals such as Bronze, Brass, and Copper Alloy are best used in what conditions:

3. To protect workers from electrical shock, power tools must:

4. Before installing an abrasive wheel (as found on a typical bench grinder) what test should you perform:

5. The user of any hand or power tool must:

6. The ________ is considered the most dangerous powered hand tool:

7. Operators of Power-Acuated tools must:

8. Wearing loose clothing and jewelry is acceptable when using Power Tools:

9. Machine guards must protect the operator and others from:

10. The main cause of hand tool accidents is:

11. Abrasive wheel work rests should be no more than ______ from the wheel surface:

12. Any accident involving the use of a hand tool should be:

13. Sharp cutting tools are more dangerous than dull cutting tools:

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