Formaldehyde Quiz

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Are You:

1. Formaldehyde is:

2. The OSHA 8-hour permissible exposure level (PEL) for formaldehyde is:

3. OSHA requires that all areas where formaldehyde is used be posted as regulated areas:

4. Exposure to formaldehyde can cause all of the following, EXCEPT:

5. A person's ability to perceive formaldehyde by odor and eye irritation becomes less sensitive with time as s/he adapts to it:

6. All of the following are acceptable work practices when using formaldehyde, EXCEPT:

7. The storage code for 37% formalin is __________ and the storage code for 10% formalin is ___________:

8. All containers of formalin must be labeled, including jars or containers holding preserved specimens.

9. All of the following are true regarding medical surveillance, EXCEPT:

10. Peter arrives at the lab in the morning and discovers that the spigot on the 5 gallon carboy of 10% formalin had leaked. There is a large puddle on the floor and the carboy is largely empty. Peter should:

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