Chloroform Quiz Jan-June

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1. Kim walks into a laboratory that routinely uses chloroform and notices a broken bottle on the floor in a puddle of liquid and immediately detects a pleasant, sweet odor in the air. What should she do?:

2. Chloroform has the following properties, EXCEPT:

3. When used with phenol, chloroform will enhance the absorption of phenol into the skin.

4. While centrifuging, a tube containing chloroform has broken. What do you do?:

5. Richard notices a bottle of Chloroform stabilized with amylene that was purchased in 2005 but has never been opened. Richard should:

6. A bottle of Chloroform has been tipped over in the fume hood spilling a small amount of Chloroform without contact to laboratory personnel. All of the following are proper spill responses, EXCEPT:

7. Containers of Chloroform should be stored away from direct sunlight and kept cool in a well-ventilated area.

8. Which of the following gloves are acceptable for use with chloroform:

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