Perchlorates and Chlorates

Inorganic chlorates are strong oxidizer which means they aid in the combustion of other material.  Because of the increased explosion potential, extreme caution must be used when working with perchloric acid and inorganic perchlorates. 

The following information is taken from Appendix F of the University of California San Francisco Chemical Safety Manual.  Appendix F is titled Safe Handling Guide for Corrosive Chemicals and the section below is Safe Handling Guide for Perchloric Acid and Perchlorates.  Specific information such as phone numbers has been changed to reflect UAF numbers.  Also, where UAF has additional protocols, information is given in italics.  A link to the entire appendix is listed under the Helpful Links section of this module.

General Properties of Perchloric Acid


Fire and Explosion Properties

Handling and Storage Guides

Maintenance or Suspected Contamination

Protective Procedures



Heating Source


First Aid

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