Waste Pickup Request

Keeping your chemical inventory up to date, MSDS searches, and waste pickup requests are now a whole lot easier.   EHSRM recently purchased the program Environmental Health and Safety Assistant produced by On Site Systems, Inc. of St. Louis.

The system is a web-based program that stores the information electronically and will replace the old, dreaded Excel spreadsheet template (Appendix 10 of the CHP).   If you had a chemical inventory submitted to EHSRM as of August 2011, then most of your chemical data is already in the database.   All you will need to do is update the amounts.

With the new system you can:

  • Enter new chemicals by typing in the name of the chemical or CAS # and a list automatically opens up for you to choose from
  • Remove chemicals that are no longer in your inventory
  • Update quantities of chemicals in your inventory
  • Look up the most current MSDS directly from the program
  • Include vendor information, purchase date and open date
  • Generate an up-to-date hard copy of your inventory for your CHP book
  • Make online requests for non-radioactive hazardous materials pickup.   No more paper forms to fill out.

Getting started will take about 30 minutes to an hour.   Contact Andy Krumhardt at 474-5197 for more information or to arrange a training appointment and obtain your username and password.

For those of you who are already in the system and forgot to bookmark the URL:

After you open the link, bookmark or make an alias and then edit the bookmark/alias and take off the “EXEC” on the end otherwise it won’t work next time you try and open it.