Clubs and Organizations

"Student Success is achieved with the help of family, a group of persons of common ancestry. At Rural Student Services, I feel at home."~Karly Gundersen, UAF Graduate, Port Lions, Alaska 

Alaska Native Education Student Association (ANESA)

ANESA is a student organization for students interested in becoming elementary or high school teachers. All students are welcome to join whether or not they are majoring or interested in this area.
Advisor: Beth Leonard (Education Department)
Advisor: Colleen Angaiak (Rural Student Services)

Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP)
Open to any students interested in the fields of science, mathematics and engineering. They also provide members with internship and scholarship opportunities.
Coordinator Advisor
: Brian Rasley ( Director) (907) 474-5029
: Olga Skinner (Advisor) (907) 474-7871 

American Indian Sciences & Engineering Society (AISES)

Sue McHenry AISES Scholarship
AISES is a student organization for students majoring or interested in the natural sciences, computer science, engineering, wildlife, mathematics, health fields, as well as students who intend to be math and/or science teachers.
Staff Advisor: Olga Skinner (907)474-7871
Faculty Advisor: Greg Owens (CRCD Faculty)

Alaska Native Social Workers Association (ANSWA)

ANSWA is a student organization for students majoring or interested in social work, sociology, psychology, human service technology.
Staff Advisor: LaVerne Demientieff (Social Work Department)
Staff Advisor:Gabrielle Russell (907) 474-6615

Festival of Native Arts

FNA Website
The Alaska Native Studies Department hosts the annual Festival of Native Arts in March. Volunteers are needed to assist the student-operated organization. Your energy and ideas will contribute to this successful event.
Contact  Alaska Native Studies Dept, (907)474-6889 or (907)474-6528


The Iñu-Yupiaq Dance Group is a student dance club that performs many Inupiaq and Yup'ik songs and dances. Everyone is invited to participate.
Contact: Joel Forbes (907) 385-7243

Native American Business Leaders (NABL)

NABL is a student organization for students majoring or interested in accounting, applied accounting, applied business, business administration, economics, or rural development.
Department contact: Liz Ross SOM

Troth Yeddha' Dance Group
The Troth Yeddha' Dance Group is a student dance club that performs Athabascan songs and dances.  Everyone is invited to participate.
Advisor: Carol Murphrey (Rural Student Services) 474-6616

Natives For a Positive Change (NFPC)
Group of students with intentions and ideas for a positive change in politics.  Everyone is invited to attend the meetings.
Advisor:Charlene Stern (Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development) 474-5293

Native Games
This is a group of students that get together to play Native games.
Advisor:Gabrielle Russell (Rural Student Services) 474-6615

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