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  • This page contains proposed CRCD academic curriculum and programs. When fully approved, curriculum will be posted on the CRCD archive page and the UAF Faculty Senate page. 
  • Curriculum forms, syllabus checklist, and Curriculum Deadlines/Guidelines can be found on our Academics page.

CRCD Curriculum Review Deadlines

  • Curriculum Review deadline for Fall 2013 is due Friday, September 20, 2013. 
    • Please submit curriculum materials electronically to Dorene Bunch at
  • Due to Faculty Senate Friday, October 4, 2013.

Currently Proposed

In review by CRCD Academic Council.  Curriculum in this section is in DRAFT form only.


CRCD Academic Council - To be reviewed

 Alaska Native Studies

Environmental Studies


CTC Academic Council - fyi

Approved by CRCD Academic Council or CTC Academic Council - Forwarded to Faculty Senate Curriculum Review Committee

Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development

Department of Industrial Maintenance and Transportation

Department of Science

  • Format 1 ENVI 121 (approved by CRCD 10/7/2013)
    • Building Ventilation and Energy
  • Format 1 ENVI 122 (approved by CRCD 10/7/2013)
    • Energy Efficient Building Design and Simulation
  • Format 1 ENVI 150 (approved by CRCD 10/7/2013)
    • Viewpoints in Environmental Studies
  • Format 1 ENVI 250 (approved by CRCD 10/7/2013)
    • Current Topics in Environmental Studies

Developmental English

  • Format 2 DEVE F060 (approved by CRCD 3/1/2013)
    • Preparatory College Writing I
  • DEVE 060- Format 2A (approved by CRCD AC 2/26/14)
    • Preparatory College Writing I
  • DEVE 104- Format 2A (approved by CRCD AC 2/26/14)
    • Preparatory College Writing II
  • DEVE 109- Format 2A (approved by CRCD AC 2/26/14)
    • Preparatory College Writing III

Developmental Studies


  • DEVS 052- Format 2A (approved by CRCD AC 2/26/14)
    • Reading Enhancement
  • DEVS 105- Format 2A (approved by CRCD AC 2/26/14)
    • Academic Reading for College


Paralegal Studies

Social and Human Development

Renewable Resources (Name change to Enviornmental Studies)

Approved by Faculty Senate & Chancellor - Forwarded to the Board of Regents

All fully approved curriculum is moved to the archives page and can also be found on the Faculty Senate page.

Approved by Board of Regents - Forwarded to NWCCU for final approval

For questions or information please contact

Dorene Bunch at 907-474-6429 or