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Collaborative Teaching Mathematics and Mentoring Model


Project Need:

School districts suffer a chronic turnover in teachers, often lack qualified mathematic teachers, and have limited math course offerings (rarely going beyond Algebra 2).  This situation creates an inability to provide 4 years of math in to students in rural Alaska or adequately prepare most in mathematics.  The lack of readiness for serious college work (85% of recent HS graduates are placed to DEVM sequence) leads to a high number of precollege level of math courses at the post-secondary level.

Project Goals:

  • professional development and mentoring activities that support 100% of mathematics teachers (both in isolated villages and urban Alaska)
  • delivery of content rich, highly interative college - level courses to the students with innovative technology-based course delivery with e-learning technology.
  • exposure to rigor, expectations and pace offered by university in 21st century
  • professional development for teachers through structured and contextual collaboration in innovative teach work with university faculty
  • provide at least 80% of students with knowledge and skills that will allow them to take expected level of college math as the starting point at the university
  • 100% of students with opportunity to complete the four year sequence of high school mathematics with parallel college level courses in concurrent credit activities
  • more students graduate from the university faster and increase graduation rate opportunity
  • significantly increase in enrollment and interest of Native Alaskan/Native American students in postsecondary STEM programs


The collaborative teaching and mentoring model is a concurrent enrollment of high school mathematics students aligned with preparatory level college math course, successfully transitioning students to college level math, especially advantageous for rural students in Alaska.  Students enrolled in the course are not only exposed by pace, rigor and expectations of university but also obtain firsthand experience of college operations, services and have access to the educational and technology resources of University of Alaska.  The innovative collaborative teaching approach employed by this model allows college faculty member to work collaboratively with high school mathematics teachers to design and deliver a typical one semester, college preparatory mathematics courses such as an Elementary Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra and Pre-Calculus to high school students in rural Alaska.  The model provides students with all advantageous to complete their four year mathematics sequence concurrently with obtaining credit for equivalent college level work and secondary teachers with support, assistance professionally stimulating experience.

Project results and outcomes:

The majority of students in the program are Alaska Native/American Indians.  All students demonstrate better understanding of math concepts, success in subsequent math courses, and performance at grade level or above on state-mandated and course required assessments.  They score higher on ACT/SAT and demonstrate academic maturity readiness for college level work.  Teachers reported increase interest and improved working habits and maturity of their students, personal professional growth and positive experience for themselves.  Several teachers participate in regional and state conferences and presented papers related to project outcomes.

Contact Information

Victor Zinger, Ph.D

Collaborative Teaching and Mentoring Project, Coordinator

Associate Professor of Math and General Studies

CRCD Math Liaison

2175 University Ave, Bowers Building, Suite 102

Fairbanks, AK 99709

Phone: (907) 474-5835


Testimonies of Key Project Facilitators