CRCD Strategic Plan 2006-2010

Mission Statement

The College of Rural & Community Development provides academic and vocational education and outreach that promote workforce preparation, economic development, life-long learning, and community development throughout Alaska, with an emphasis on Alaska Natives and underserved communities.


Human Resources

Goal:  Develop a critical mass of indigenous faculty who can teach, conduct research, and serve as role models.

Information & Support Resources

Goal:  Foster increased cross-campus/unit collaboration and expand opportunities for students in a way that avoids duplication of efforts.

Intellectual Resources

Goal:  Continue the exchange of ideas, best practices, and model programs involving the education of indigenous peoples with institutions of higher learning.

Physical Resources

Goal 1:  Each campus will develop a facilities master plan.
Goal 2:  Each campus will develop an IT master plan.

Financial Resources

Goal:  Assist campuses with funding priorities

Student Services

Goal 1:  Increase the persistence rate at each campus and program.

Goal 2:  Increase the completion rates for each campus and program.

Goal 3: Increase the number of graduates in high demand job areas as consistent with the employment opportunities in each region.

Goal 4:  Increase the rate of AA and AAS majors transferring into baccalaureate programs as appropriate to student goals.

Goal 5:  Develop an integrated student services management plan throughout CRCD.

Academic, Career and Technical Education

Goal 1:  Identify and prioritize educational program opportunities on an annual basis with input from key stakeholders.

Goal 2:  Coordinate program development and delivery across CRCD and UA.

Goal 3:  Ensure that CRCD academic and vocational programs meet accreditation standards.

Goal 4:  Improve the quality of Developmental Education.

Goal 5:  Continue to build industry partners to train for high-demand growth sectors.

Goal 6:  Continue to test, pilot, and improve distance education opportunities.


Goal 1:  Provide professional development opportunities to CRCD faculty.

Goal 2:  Provide a forum for faculty to share ideas, teaching methodology, and mentoring.

Goal 3:  Ensure faculty support that allows for creativity, quality instruction, and success.

Goal 4:  Support faculty in pursuit of advancing their education and support the advancement of Alaska Native Ph. D's across CRCD campuses.


Goal 1:  Develop and foster productive and meaningful relationships between the university and Alaskan communities throughout the state.

Goal 2:  Develop coordinated plan for public outreach and non-traditional education.

Goal 3:  Demonstrate responsiveness to key partner stakeholders.\

Goal 4:  Increase partnership and outreach to secondary schools and students.

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