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If you are interested in Graduate or Family Housing options on campus, please look through the facilities available for families and use the Family, Employee, Graduate, and Non-Traditional Student Housing Application to apply. 

Many students at UAF attend the university after having started a family of their own. To meet the family and educational needs of these students we have several facilities for married or financially inter-dependent couples or single parents with or without children. In these facilities we try to support our student families while they establish a family atmosphere within an educational environment. All of our family facilities are located on the main UAF campus on College Hill about 4 miles from downtown Fairbanks.

The Department of Residence Life offers  one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartment complexes and single, duplex and triplex homes for students with families.

Family Housing is available for married students, students with a financially inter-dependent partner, and students with children. Family housing agreement terms are usually for the length of the academic year. Employee housing agreement terms are for 12 months. Residence Life also provides housing for employees and their families.  We offer apartments and duplexes for students with children and apartments for married students without children. 

Graduate and Non-Traditional Student

The Department of Residence Life wants to meet the needs of all graduate and non-traditional students. Single students have a variety of options including 1-bedroom apartments and efficiencies, as well as residence hall rooms. Depending on space availability, graduate students can buyout a double room in any residence hall they are qualified to live. 

Staff and Programing

Family Housing units are staffed by a Family Housing Manager and two Assistant Apartment Managers. The Family Housing Manager coordinates maintenance and check-outs, along with other duties. The Assistant Managers are student members of the Department of Residence Life who live on campus and provide various services to the residents.

The managers also coordinate and facilitate activities for the residents in family housing. These activities may range from community BBQ's to Conversational English classes to events for the whole family.

Apartment Options for Students Without Families

Harwood Hall offers a mature living environment to graduate and non-traditional undergraduate students (over 26 years old.) Single students and married or financially interdependent couples without children are eligible to live in Harwood. 

Garden Apartments offers graduate students shared 2 bedroom apartments with one roommate. This facility is designed for graduate students only. Located in a very quiet part of campus, Garden offers wireless internet, local telephone access with a telephone in each bedroom, and laundry facilities on site. 

UAF Residence Life offers several housing options to students with disabilities. If you require special accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact our office. 


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