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Academic Advising Center: Center where professional staff advise students on their area of study or on choosing a major. Academic Advising is located in Gruening 509.

Admitted student: A student who has applied for admission and has been accepted to UAF. Information and forms for admitted students can be found on the Admissions website.

ASUAF: The Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (student government) is located in Wood Center, and everyone who pays the student life fee is a member. ASUAF runs service departments and programs dedicated to the interest and welfare of UAF students. ASUAF represents UAF students to the university administration, the board of regents and the Alaska Legislature.

Blue & Gold: UAF's official school colors!

Catalog: The yearly listing of all courses, degree requirements and academic programs. The catalog can be reviewed online.

Class schedule: The semester listing of course offerings and policies. It is available online at

COMPASS test: A test that covers the basic skill areas of reading, writing and math. It is used to help determine student success and readiness for specific course work.

Disability Services: The Disability Services program provides services to students with documented disabilities. Its goal is to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at UAF. Disability Services is located at the Student Health and Counseling Center in the Whitaker Building. If you need assistance with completion of any form, contact UAF Disability Services by email at, by phone at (907)474-5655, or by TTY at (907)474-1827.

EDGE Program: The Education, Development, Growth and Experience (EDGE) Program provides support and resources to help traditional first-time freshmen achieve academic and student success. EDGE halls have live-in tutors and twice the number of resident advisor as other halls. Alcohol is prohibited in EDGE halls.

Eielson Building: This building houses The Bursar's Office, Financial Aid, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity, the Women's Center, Career Services, Summer Sessions, PolarExpress and Dining Services, the Graduate School and the Office of International Programs, among others.

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid, available online at or at the Financial Aid Office in Eielson 101.

Fee payment: The time during which you can pay your fees for classes through the Bursar's Office. Click here for the Academic Calendar and Fee Deadlines

Full time: If you're an undergraduate student registered for 12 or more semester credits, you are classified as a full-time student. Graduate students are considered full time if they are registered for 9 or more credits.

General studies: If you have not yet declared your major and are enrolled in an associate degree program, you are considered a general studies student.

Greek life: Sigma Sigma Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon are the campus sorority and fraternity at UAF. Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity that is open to both male and female students. All are part of UAF's Greek Council.

Hess Rec: Hess Recreation Center is located in the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland residential complex.

Munch Money: Money that is placed on your PolarExpress card when a meal plan is purchased.  The new plans are a declining balance account of Munch Money used exclusively for food purchases. Munch Money may be used at any UAF dining location including the convenience store and most vending machines.


Nanook: UAF's school mascot! It means "polar bear" in Inupiaq.

Nanook traditions: Each year UAF celebrates four time-honored traditions: Starvation Gulch, International Education Week, Winter Carnival and Nanook Spring Fest. For more information, visit the Student Activities office in the Wood Center or online at

Nat Sci: Natural Sciences Facility, located on upper campus. Renamed the Paul B. Reichardt Building in June 2007.

Part time: If you're an undergraduate student registered for less than 12 semester credits, you are classified as a part-time student. Graduate students are considered part-time if they are registered for 5 credits.

Payment plan: If you're unable to pay all charges at the beginning of the semester, you may apply for a payment plan.

PIN (personal identification number): Code used to access online registration.

PM: Peer mentors are upperclassmen that live in Moore and Skarland halls and provide free tutoring to first-year students who may need a little help.

PolarExpress Card: This is your student ID card. It alwipe card acts as your access card to areas such as the library, individual residence halls and computer labs. It is used for your sports pass, your meal plan, Munch Money, Bear Bucks and many other things. The PolarExpress office is located in 116 Eielson.

RA: A resident assistant is a student staff member who helps enforce policy, provide social and educational programming, and helps ease the transitions that face student.

RD: The resident director oversees the management and activities of the residence hall.

Registered: A student who has enrolled in classes for the current semester.

Reg form: May be referred to as a PDF (personal demographic form). Complete this form and have it signed by your advisor before registering for classes.

Res Life: On-campus housing.

RSS: Rural Student Services, located in the Brooks Building.

SRC: Student Recreation Center. The fitness center on campus where students can go to keep fit and to participate in UAF's numerous intramural sports.

Student ID number: This number is the reference for all academic and financial information.

Tutoring Services:

  • Peer Mentors: Live in the EDGE Halls and are there to support and tutor residents. Peer mentors offer: study sessions, time managment training, study & test taking skills, stress management programs and note-taking workshops.
  • Math Lab: This lab provides flexible-hour assistance to students enrolled in mathematics and statistics courses. The lab is coordinated by faculty and services are provided by students. (Located in various buildings around campus.
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center is open Sunday through Friday for tutoring for all enrolled students. Located in Gruening 801.
  • Accounting Lab: The Accounting Lab provides tutoring services to students enrolled in accounting courses. Located in Bunnell 225-I.
  • ASUAF Tutoring: The Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) offers tutoring for individual courses whenever possible. Located in Wood Center.

The Pub: For those over 21, the Wood Center Pub offers evening entertainment with live music, an open mic night and various professional sporting events shown on the big-screen television. The Pub serves wine and beer.

UAF ambassadors: Students selected by the Admissions Office to interact with prospective student and their families, making their visit to UAF a positive one.

Undeclared: See general studies.

Username: Personal e-mail and campus computer account name.

Webmail: E-mail access from both on- and off-campus via a web browser. See computing support for more information.

Wood Center or WC: The Wood Center is the focal point of campus activities and services for students, faculty, staff, alumni and university guests. There are dining facilities, games, conference rooms, laundry facilities, showers and many other amenities available.

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