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When academics or personal interests intersect with the living environment, students grow and learning is enhanced. The Department of Residence Life offers a variety of residential living and learning communities that allow students with similar interests or goals to live and study together in community and to meet students from diverse backgrounds.

These UAF communities, housed in the residence halls and provide a smaller, more intimate environment for the exploration. By thinking, studying, living and learning with others who share and understand their aspirations, students can maximize both their academic and personal experiences at UAF.

Freshman-Year Experience (FYE) The First Year Experience (FYE) is under the EDGE program, which stands for Educational, Development, Growth, and Experience. These living communities are designed to address the transitional needs and concerns that many first year students face when they enter college. Housed in Moore Hall and Skarland Hall, the EDGE program offers numerous RA programs and services provided by specially trained staff members. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Substance-Free For students who agree to abstain completely from the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. This is a special living community housed in Nerland Hall promotes the development of a healthy lifestyle.

The Sustainable Village Are you interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle? Do you enjoy learning about current sustainability issues? Imagine being surrounded by people who share these same interests! The Village is an unique living experience, you will have the opportunity to explore different sustainable issues and topics, make new friends, participate in a variety of exciting activities, and build strong relationships with others in the sustainable community here at UAF.

Gender Inclusive Housing Available for undergraduate and graduate residents in Bartlett Hall and Cutler Student Apartments. This option meets the needs of all of our continuing residents, inclusive of all sexes, genders, gender identities and expressions. It means that for continuing residents, women, men, and people of all gender identities and expressions can live together. In meeting the needs of the incoming student, Residence Life will recognize and respect the gender identity the student has established with Housing. Please complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Application

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