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Guiding You Through an Exciting First Year 
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The EDGE program help promote a smooth and successful transition into college life. This first-year experience (FYE) program is designed to assist freshman adjust both academically and socially to campus life. This first-year experience (FYE) program is designed to assist freshman adjust both academically and socially to campus life. The EDGE program provides students with numerous opportunities throughout the year with an emphasis on meeting new friends and creating community those first few weeks on campus. Many studies have shown that students living within FYE communities often achieve higher grade point averages and are more likely to persist until graduation. Recent data indicates that we are meeting our goal. In a recent study, EDGE students were found to graduate at a rate 43% higher than students who did not participate in the EDGE program!  

As you begin your first year at UAF, you’ll start to see all the possibilities your undergraduate experience offers. Research opportunities. Study abroad. Student activities. Community service. Specialized academic programs. Leadership roles. The EDGE Program at UAF offers guidance, advice, and help as you explore options. Through programs, resources, and services, we’ll provide the information you need to make your education and experience at UAF everything you want it to be. Your first UAF experience as a student is New Student Orientation but your connection with the EDGE Program continues after that. We’ll guide you through UAF traditions from Starvation Gulch to Springfest, add depth to your academic studies with peer mentors, and answer any and all questions you may have about being a Nanook.

EDGE is a comprehensive program for all first year residential students under 20 years of age. It is an environment conducive to learning, one of friendship, support, fun, encouragement, and warmth. EDGE was designed by students, faculty and staff to meet the needs of first year students at UAF. The goal of EDGE is student success, not only during their first year, but throughout their college career!

EDGE students are housed in Moore and Skarland Halls. Moore is located in the MBS complex on upper campus and will house approximately 250 first year students and 21 upper class student staff members. Skarland Hall is also located on upper campus and will house approximately 120 first year students and 9 student staff members.

The EDGE Program is a residential-based living-learning programs designed to enhance the overall student experience by fostering a close knit community. Residents are encouraged to explore intellectual, cultural, and social interests through experiential activities.

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