Registration Process

Before You Register

Degree Students

Degree students who have been accepted to a degree program may register on the web, after meeting with their advisor, beginning April 6, 2015, for the fall 2015 semester, or Nov. 9, 2015, for spring 2016.

1. Apply for admission.

2. Review your registration request form.

  • Go to UAOnline to obtain your registration request form. Select "Student Services & Account Information." Select "Registration" and "Check Your Registration Eligibility."
  • If you have trouble obtaining your registration request form, see your academic advisor or the Office of Admissions and the Registrar for assistance.
  • Correct any errors in your personal data at UAOnline.

3. Review DegreeWorks.

4. Meet with your academic advisor.

  • If your academic advisor's name is not listed on your registration request form, talk to your academic department. If you are a general studies (undeclared) student, contact an academic advisor at the Academic Advising Center, 510 Gruening Building, 907-474-6396.
  • If you are from rural Alaska, visit Rural Student Services, 200 Brooks Building, 907-474-7871.
  • Students in certificate, AAS or AA programs should contact the Community and Technical College Student Advising and Registration Center at 604 Barnette St., 907-455-2800.

5. Turn in your registration request form. Deliver your registration request form, and/or individual or directed study forms, to one of the following locations:

  • Office of Admissions and the Registrar (102 Signers' Hall)
  • Academic Advising Center (510 Gruening Building)
  • Rural Student Services (main floor, Brooks Building)
  • 201 Bunnell Building
  • 101 Chapman Building
  • 194 or 308 Reichardt Building
  • 164 University Park
  • UAF Community and Technical College,
  • 604 Barnette St.

If you have completed steps 1-5, You are ready to register as a degree student. View instructions on how to register.

You must go to the web and register for classes to complete the process. Submitting a signed registration request form does not mean you are now enrolled in classes. See How to Register.

Graduate Students

1. Confirm your registration status

a. First-semester graduate students

  • If you're starting your graduate program this semester, follow steps 1-4 above for Degree Students.

b. Continuing graduate students

  • Consult with your academic advisor and/or committee before registering.
  • If you register for a course that is not on your Graduate Study Plan, the course may not count toward your graduation requirements.
  • If your tuition is paid through a grant, fellowship or stipend, courses must be approved by your committee to be funded, and you must still go through the fee-payment process.

If you completed step 1a or 1b, you are ready to register as a graduate student. View instructions on how to register.

Non-degree Students

1. Check the requirements

  • You are not working toward a degree and have not been accepted to a degree program.
  • You want to enroll as a nondegree student for the upcoming semester.
  • You will be subject to examination requirements for math, reading and English placement.
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain in good standing.
  • You will not be eligible for financial aid.

2. Confirm your registration status
a. Continuing nondegree students

  • You registered as a nondegree student at any UAF campus within the last two years.

If you meet the conditions in 1 and 2a above, you are ready to register online as a continuing nondegree student.View instructions on how to register.

b. New or returning nondegree students

  • You have never taken any courses at a UAF campus (or have not taken any courses within the last two years).
  • Visit UAOnline (, select "Apply for Admission," then select "New Students" and follow the instructions for "No Degree Intended."
  • For help applying or registering, visit the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.

If you meet the conditions in 1 and 2b above, you are ready to register online as a new or returning nondegree student. View instructions on how to register.

c. High school students

  • Qualified high school students must complete a "High School Student Enrollment Form," available at or from the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.
  • You must obtain permission of instructors.
  • For more information on options for high school students to enroll at UAF, visit
  • If you want to use university credit to meet high school requirements, contact your high school counselor before you enroll at UAF.

If you meet the conditions in 1 and 2c above, you are ready to register in person as a high school student. View instructions on how to register.

Your University Records

Review Your Registration Request Form

Please make sure that the information on your Registration Request Form is correct.

Corrections you can make at UAOnline

You can make corrections to your address, email and phone information at UAOnline. Select "Personal Information" then "Manage Your Address, Email and Phone Information."

  • Your current mailing address and phone. This is your school-year contact information, which might be different from your permanent, year-round contact information.
  • Your preferred email address.Note: You can forward your UAF-assigned email address by following the directions at

Corrections you must make in person or in writing

To change the following items on your registration form, follow the directions below or see the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.

  • Name. This is how your name appears on your official records. If your name is listed incorrectly, please inform the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.
  • Permanent address and phone. Please make sure this address and phone number are correct.
  • College, degree, major. To change your degree or major, you must complete a change-of-major form.
  • Level. Indicates your status (graduate, undergraduate, nondegree, etc.).
  • Residency status. Check your residency status before paying your tuition and fees. If you need to request a change in your residency status, submit an "Application for Resident Tuition" form to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar. Applications for residency, along with supporting documentation, are due before the published first day of instruction. The residency form is available at

Information Release

The university may release certain directory information to the public on a routine basis unless a student requests, in writing, that the university not release it. This is called a confidential hold. See for more about directory information.

How to Register

Registration Online

It's important to register for classes early to get the best selection. Once you have met with your academic advisor, you can get started. Step-by-step instructions are available at See the list of dates and deadlines.

There are two options for registering online through UAOnline: the traditional online registration and the Schedule Planner. Schedule Planner lets you enter breaks during your day and gives you schedule options for courses.

If you need help logging in, follow the instructions for claiming or resetting your information. For more help, contact the OIT Support Center at 907-450-8300, toll free at 800-478-8226 or by email at

Schedule Planner (You must have cookies enabled in your browser to use Schedule Planner.)

  1. At UAOnline, log on to the secured area.
  2. Select "Student Services & Account Information," then "Registration."
  3. Select "Schedule Planner" then select the term and campus(es) you are interested in.
  4. Choose your search terms. Click "Add Course" to add courses and "Add Break" to add times during the day that you do not wish to take classes, then click "Generate Schedules." You can modify your search to include courses that are in wait-listed status by changing the "Course Status" option. You can also change your campus, term and course delivery options.
  5. View your schedule options. Depending on your courses and breaks, there may be more than one schedule available. If no schedule is available, you may need to adjust your desired classes or break times.
  6. Send to cart. Once you have selected a schedule, click "Send to Cart." You will be redirected back to UAOnline. Choose "Complete Registration Changes" to register for your selected courses or "Save Cart" to return to it later. You can access your saved cart from the "Registration" menu at UAOnline.

Traditional Online Method

  1. At UAOnline, log on to the secured area.
  2. Select "Student Services & Account Information," then "Registration."
  3. Look up courses to add. On the "Registration" page, select "Class Schedule Search." (You may also select "Register/Add/Drop Classes" and then "Class Search.") In either case, be sure to choose the proper semester or term, and choose a UAF campus from the list of campuses. (A key for abbreviations, acronyms, etc., is available under "Course Finder Definitions" at
  4. Add your classes. In the "Add Classes Worksheet" on the "Register/Add/Drop Classes" page, enter the course reference numbers (CRNs) of the classes you wish to take.
  5. Variable credit class/Auditing a class. If you register for a course that has variable credit or you want to audit a course, select "Change Class Options." Enter the amount of credit you want. Press the "Grade Mode" menu and highlight "Audit" to select that option. The audit option may not be available at UAOnline because not all courses allow auditors. Contact the instructor or the department for more information.
  6. Review your schedule. After you select "Complete Registration Changes," your current schedule will be displayed. Check class locations, times and dates to ensure that you registered for the sections you wanted.
  7. Resolve errors. If there are any errors, check the error message. Some errors, such as scheduling two courses at the same time, can be resolved online by dropping a class.
    However, the following errors cannot be resolved online:
  • Test score and prerequisite errors
  • Special-permission courses
  • Exceeds maximum credits
  • Courses that appear to conflict in time. To take courses offered at times that conflict, you must obtain instructor approval to override the conflict. Once the approval has been entered by the instructor or the department, the conflicting courses will be available for you to add after you register for your other courses.
  • Registration hold. If you have a registration hold, you may not register until the hold is removed by the initiating office. Registration holds may result from:
    • Unpaid tuition and fees/outstanding balances on your student account (e.g., parking fines, course fees). See the Bursar's Office, or call 907-474-7384.
    • Judicial/disciplinary holds. See Student Services, or call 907-474-7317.
    • Other registration holds. See the Office of Admissions and the Registrar, or call 907-474-7500.
    • UA system holds. Because UAF is part of a statewide system, a hold at one unit of the University of Alaska will affect your registration at all UA units.

Registration In Person

  1. In-person registration is available at the Office of Admissions and the Registrar (102 Signers' Hall) or UAF Community and Technical College (604 Barnette St.).

After You've Registered

  1. Pay tuition and fees by the deadline. A copy of your class schedule and estimate of tuition and fees can be obtained from UAOnline.
  2. Attend classes beginning the first day of instruction. Note: you may be dropped if you do not attend the first class meeting without prior approval from your instructor.
  3. Buy your textbooks. Select "Bookstores" for bookstore contact information. (Books are purchased through the bookstore website at or in person at the UAF Bookstore in Constitution Hall.)

Course Options


What waitlisting means

When a class is full, it is listed as "closed." Some courses offer a waitlist option. If you want to be waitlisted for a closed class, select "Waitlist" from the drop down menu on the registration screen at UAOnline and select "Submit Changes."

Restrictions on waitlisting

You will not remain on or have access to the waitlist for a class if:

  • you are already enrolled or waitlisted in another section of the same course,
  • the waitlisted class conflicts with another class in which you are enrolled or waitlisted,
  • the waitlisted class would exceed your maximum allowed credits, or
  • you have holds on your account.

After the first day of the semester, contact the instructor for permission to be added from the waitlist.

After you are waitlisted

You are not charged tuition for a waitlisted course until you are fully enrolled in the course. You must complete registration and pay tuition and fees for the other classes in which you are enrolled.

Your position on the waitlist

Use the web to check your status on a waitlist. You will receive an email notifying you when a space opens in the class. The email will be sent to the address you have designated as "preferred" under your personal information in UAOnline. To receive these notifications be sure your email is current and you have selected your preferred student email in UAOnline.

The email about your waitlisted class will instruct you to log in and add the course within a specified period of time (usually 48 hours from when the email is generated). If you take no action within the specified time frame, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next person on the list. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly and to add yourself when a space opens in the class.

Start attending classes on the first day

Attend the first day of class for all waitlisted courses. Ask the instructor to add you from the waitlist if space becomes available.

Time limits on waitlisting

Waitlists are automatically updated until 48 hours prior to the first day of class by the Office of Admissions and the Registrar. If by the first day of class you are not enrolled in a course for which you are waitlisted, you must get special permission from the instructor of the course. If it appears you will not be able to enroll in a course for which you are waitlisted, you should select and enroll in a replacement class by the end of the add-drop period (fall 2015: Friday, Sept. 11; spring 2016: Friday, Jan. 22).

Fee payment for waitlisted classes

  • Waitlisted classes appear on your schedule but are not included in the total number of credits needed to qualify for financial aid.
  • Tuition and fees are calculated only for the credits you are officially enrolled in and do not include the waitlisted classes.
  • If it appears you won't get into the waitlisted class by the published last day to pay tuition and fees, you must immediately pay for any courses you are enrolled in to avoid late charges.
  • No late add fee is charged if you are allowed into a class for which you were waitlisted after the published last day to pay tuition and fees, provided you pay for any other classes on time and pay for the waitlisted classes within five business days of registration.
  • If you are waitlisted, it is your responsibility to check your registration status at UAOnline.

If, after you pay your tuition and fees, you are allowed into a class for which you have been waitlisted, payment must be made within five business days or late fees will apply.

Individual and Directed Study

To register for an individual or directed study course, access the form at Have it signed by your instructor, the chair of the department in which the course is being taught and the dean of your school or college, attach a syllabus from your instructor, and submit it to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar. Individual study course numbers end in -97. Directed study courses may be found in the current UAF catalog. The course reference number for an individual study course will be assigned by the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.

Permission-Only Classes

To register for a class with a "by permission" restriction, speak with the instructor or the administrative assistant in the department offering the course about getting permission, which they can grant online. Once permission is granted, the appropriate courses will be available for you to add to your schedule via UAOnline.

Auditing a Class

Students who want to enroll in one or more courses for informational purposes may register as an auditor if space is available and auditing is permitted in the class. You pay the standard credit fees for the course, but the credits are not included in the computation of study load for full-time/part-time determination or financial aid. If you want to audit a course for which you are already registered for credit, you must make the change by the end of the second full week of instruction and follow the add/drop process for changes to and from audit status in a course. Changing from credit to audit after this date requires the approval of the instructor of the course as well as your academic advisor. The deadline for late changes from credit to audit is the same as for student-initiated withdrawals.

Mandatory Course Placement

Make sure you've met writing, reading and math placement requirements and prerequisites or you will not be able to register for the following courses:

  • All DEVE and ENGL courses
  • All DEVM and MATH courses
  • All core courses
  • Other courses as specified by departments. See current placement information at

Credit/No-Credit Option

The credit/no-credit option enables you to enroll in courses without affecting your overall GPA. One elective course per semester can be taken under this option. You must apply for the option by the third Friday after the first day of instruction. Credit/no-credit option forms are available online at or at the Office of Admissions and the Registrar and may be turned in there.


If you are a student in good standing and intend to register for more than 18 credits, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and overload approval from your academic advisor.

eLearning & Distance Education

eLearning & Distance Education offers more than 350 courses in 60 disciplines. Additionally, eLearning offers degrees and certificates completely online. eLearning courses follow all university calendars and deadlines and must be completed within the semester time frame. For a complete listing of eLearning courses, visit our website.

How to register for eLearning & Distance Education courses

eLearning courses are open to everyone. There are two ways to register:

  1. Current UA students can register using UAOnline or through their local campus. eLearning courses are viewable at UAOnline by making the Campus Selection "UAF­ eLearning & Distance Ed" or by selecting "eLearning courses only" under Type of Course Delivery.
  2. Everyone else can register at
  • Select the course you want to register for.
  • Complete the eLearning Registration Form.
  • Select "Register Now".
  • Once you are registered, you will receive an email confirmation.

Getting started

eLearning courses use the Blackboard Learning Management System ( You are required to have reliable Internet access to complete the course. Once enrolled in the course:

  1. Students new to eLearning will receive a Student Success Guide (also available online at Detailed instructions for accessing Blackboard are included, as well as other valuable information to help you succeed in your eLearning course(s).
  2. Course Content won't load into Blackboard until the first day of instruction but log in to Blackboard right away to get familiar with the navigation and resources. If you are new to UAF, it might take up to 24 hours after your registration to get your UA credentials created or activated (UAOnline account, Blackboard User account, Google Mail account, etc.)
  3. Take the Online Success Lab by enrolling yourself through the eLearning tab in Blackboard. This will show you how your course may be set up.
  4. Order any required course material early. All course materials can be purchased at the UAF Bookstore or online at
  5. Please see for online instructions for using Blackboard. You may also contact the UAF Help Desk at 907-450-8300 or More Blackboard help can be acquired from eLearning staff at 907-479-3444 or by email at

Helpful information for eLearning courses

  • eLearning courses follow the university's academic calendar and catalog. All UAF policies that apply to classroom courses also apply to eLearning courses. This includes academic dates, payment deadlines, drop/withdrawal deadlines, grading policies, registration deadlines, incomplete deadlines and the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Many (though not all) eLearning courses have proctored exams. Please check your course syllabus. A proctored exam means that a neutral, third-party person will verify your ID and supervise the exam. If you are in Fairbanks, you may take your proctored exams at eLearning. No appointment is necessary. If taking an exam at eLearning, you do not need to locate a proctor or fill out the exam request form. If you need to locate a proctor outside the Fairbanks area, review our Exam page at

Got questions?

  • For questions regarding registration or prerequisite overrides, contact UAF eLearning at 907-479-3444 or by email at
  • For questions regarding course selection and degree planning, students can contact the eLearning academic advisor at, 907-479-3444 or 800-277-8060.
  • For questions regarding financial aid, students should contact the UAF Financial Aid Office at, 907-474-7256 or 888-474-7256.
  • For questions about course waitlisting, see the waitlisting section.

Changing Your Registration

Closed or Canceled Classes

Information about closed classes, cancellations, changes and additions is updated daily during the registration period. Check UAOnline for changes to classes, but note that canceled courses will not appear at UAOnline. If you are registered for a class that is canceled for low enrollment or other reasons, you will be notified immediately by email.

Making Changes on the Web

You can add and/or drop courses on the web through the last day of late registration (see the list of dates and deadlines). Follow these steps and pay any tuition and fees by the last day of fee payment.

  1. Look up the course reference number (CRN) for each course you want to add, and identify the CRN for any course you want to drop.
  2. Log on to UAOnline with your UA username and password.
  3. Under "Registration" go to "Register/Add/Drop." Follow the instructions for dropping and adding courses. (Add your courses first and then drop -- don't try to do both at once.) Be sure to select "Submit Changes" when you have completed your changes. Select "Complete your registration" to finalize any changes made to your tuition and fees.
  4. Be sure to log out of UAOnline when you are done.

Making Registration Changes In Person

If the class is a late-start class, or you are making changes after the last day of late registration and fee payment, you will need to make changes in person. Complete an add/drop form (available at

  • Your academic advisor's signature is not required if you complete the transaction by the last day of late registration for the course.
  • After the last day of registration, your academic advisor's and instructor's signatures will be required for any additions if you are a degree student.
  • If you are given permission to add a course after the last day to add, you will be charged a late add fee of $50.
  • Pay attention to the drop dates -- they affect refunds.
  • You must process any late add transactions only at the Office of Admissions and the Registrar or the Community and Technical College Student Advising and Registration Center. The signatures of the course instructor and your academic advisor are required after the last day of registration.

Withdrawing From Courses

Students can withdraw from course(s) until Friday, Oct. 30, for fall 2015 and Friday, March 25, for spring 2016. Get the appropriate withdrawal form from

Withdrawing after the deadline

Course withdrawals after the student-initiated withdrawal deadline are allowed only in exceptional cases and for serious and compelling reasons. Approval is not automatic, and you need to provide documented evidence to support your request. Acceptable serious and compelling reasons may include:

  1. death in the student's immediate family;
  2. medical emergency for the student or immediate family; and
  3. factors outside the student's control (e.g., fire or flood).

Failing a course or avoiding an unsatisfactory grade is not an acceptable serious and compelling reason for seeking a late withdrawal or refund, and will not be approved. Failure to comply with published deadlines or regulations is also not a serious and compelling reason to seek a late withdrawal or refund.

Appeals for late withdrawals after the deadline must be submitted within 30 class days after the beginning of the next regular semester. Written explanation of the serious and compelling reason and appropriate documentation is required upon submittal. Submission of appeals and appropriate documentation after published deadlines will not be considered. Contact the Office of Admissions and the Registrar for more information.

Faculty-initiated withdrawals

If you don't meet prerequisites for a course or if you haven't participated substantially in a course you are enrolled in, the instructor has the right to withdraw you. If you are withdrawn from a course, you will be notified through your assigned university email account.

Effect of withdrawing on financial aid

If a student totally withdraws or drops courses after a refund has been issued, financial aid may need to be repaid from the student's university account. If a balance remains on the account because of this, the student has five business days to pay or a late fee will be assessed and a hold placed on the account. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Changing Majors

Your major is printed on your registration request form and is considered official unless you change it. A completed change of major form must be submitted to be considered for a change of major. Forms can be obtained online at


  • Students admitted for a semester that has not begun are not eligible to use the change-of-major form. Please contact the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.
  • Pre-major students do not need to submit a change-of-major form to be changed to major status. This will occur once you meet major requirements. See pre-major information in the university catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not able to register online. Why not?

There can be a number of reasons:

  1. Did you submit your registration request form? Degree students must print their registration request form at UAOnline, have it signed by their academic advisor and return it to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.
  2. Are you a nondegree student who hasn't taken courses within the last two years? If so, you must submit a "No degree intended" application online. Visit UAOnline, select "Apply for Admission," then select "New Student."
  3. Do you meet the placement requirements or prerequisites?
  4. Do you have holds on your account? Check your registration eligibility at at UAOnline. Select "View Holds" and contact the office where the hold was originated. If you have a registration hold, you may not register until the hold is removed by the initiating office. Registration holds may result from: 
  • Unpaid tuition and fees/outstanding balances on your student account (e.g., late fees, course fees, parking fines). See the Bursar's Office or call 907-474-7384.
  • Judicial/disciplinary holds. See Student Services or call 907-474-7317.
  • Other registration holds. See the Office of Admissions and the Registrar or call 907-474-7500.

Since UAF is part of a statewide system, a hold at one unit of the University of Alaska will affect your registration at all UA units.

For other problems, contact the Office of Admissions and the Registrar at 474-7500 or

What is "enrollment verification"?

UAF is partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide proof of enrollment electronically. Insurance companies accept national clearinghouse certificates. Once logged in to the secured area of UAOnline, select "Enrollment Verifications" from the "Student Services & Account Information" menu. Enrollment verification request forms may also be submitted to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar for purposes other than loan deferment.

What is a course override?

In some cases, your instructor may need to grant you a course override before you are allowed to register for a specific section. Common reasons for course overrides include:

  • approval for waiver of a class prerequisite.
  • instructor or department approval required for registration.
  • course is restricted to certain majors, class standing, etc.
  • approval for a time conflict.
  • approval to register for a closed (full) class.
  • permission to add a class from the wait list.

Only the primary instructor of the course can approve a course override for you.

I can't log on to UAOnline. Help!

UAOnline allows you to log on using your UA username and password. These are the same credentials you use to log into webmail, Blackboard and many other applications at the University of Alaska. To find out your UA username or to reset your password, go to

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