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Q: How do I change my current mailing address and phone number?
A: Students, Faculty and Staff can change their current mailing address through UAOnline by clicking on Personal Information and then Update Address (es) and Phone(s).

Q: Why am I considered a non-resident?
A: All new students and students that have not attended the university within the last two consecutive years must submit documentation of residency with the Application for Resident Tuition to obtain resident status. The application must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Q: How do I find my GPA?
A: There are 3 ways to find your GPA.

  1. Log on to UAOnline. Go to Student Records and click on Final Grades. If there are final grades listed, the GPA for the semester grades and a cumulative GPA will both be listed.
  2. If there are no final grades listed, click on Academic Transcript. The GPA for each semester will be shown at the bottom of that semester. The cumulative GPA is shown at the bottom of the transcript.
  3. Bring your UAF ID card or a state issued photo ID to the Registrar's Office in Signer's Hall and ask for your GPA at the counter.

Q: Why are some of my courses still showing as "In Progress"?
A: A course will show as "In Progress" until a grade has been submitted by the instructor and recorded at the Office of the Registrar.

Q: How do I know what my class standing is?
A: 0-29 credits = First-year, 30-59 credits = Sophomore, 60-89 credits = Junior, 90 credits and above = Senior


Q: How do I audit a class?
A: If you are registering online you can select audit from the drop down under the course. If you are registering after late registration has ended you need to pick up an Add/Drop/Audit form from the Office of the Registrar and get the instructor's signature and your advisor's signature.

Q: How come the Audit option is not available for my course?
A: A change of schedule with the instructor and department head approvals must be submitted to Academic Scheduling to permit auditors into the course.

Q: If I am a non-degree-seeking student and need a signature for a late or total withdraw, who do I need to see?
A: You will need the Dean of Student Services signature.

Q: When can I register in person?
A: See the current registration guide for in-person registration dates.

Q: I am a high school student. How do I register?
A: High school students who have not yet graduated or received a GED are considered to be secondary school students. To register you must complete the High School Student Enrollment form (PDF). You will need to get the instructor or department head's signature, and if you are under 18 the signature of your parent. Bring the signed form to the Office of the Registrar and we will register you for your classes.

Q: I want to withdraw from all of my classes, what do I do?
A: You need to come to the Office of the Registrar and obtain a total withdrawal form. This will only withdraw you from the current semester's classes. It will not prevent you from registering for future classes.

Q: How do I register for classes?
A: Please look at the following categories and choose the one that applies to your status.

Degree-Seeking Student
If you are a degree-seeking student you will need to print your registration form from UAOnline and have your advisor sign the form. Bring the signed form to the Office of the Registrar. You can then go online to register for classes.
Non-Degree-Seeking Student
If you have never taken classes or have missed a semester and are a non-degree-seeking Student, you will need to fill out an in-person registration form or submit a "No Degree Intended Admissions Application" on UAOnline. Submit it 3 business days before you plan to register. You can then go online to register for classes.

Q: What does "degree seeking" mean?
A: A student does not need to apply for admission in order to register for classes at UAF. These students are called "non-degree seeking." When a student goes through the admissions process and has been accepted, they become a "degree-seeking" student even if you do not have a declared major.

Q: How do I register online?
A: Registration information can be found in the registration guide.


Q: Can I get a copy of my previous school transcripts from UAF?
A: No, students cannot get a copy of previous school transcripts from their UAF file. Transcripts should be obtained from the previous school.

Q: How do I order transcripts?

Verification of enrollment

Q: Will UAF verify enrollment for other schools to include UAA and UAS? 
A: No, UAF does not verify enrollment for other schools.

Q: How can I obtain verification of my enrollment?
A: A free, student accessed, official Enrollment Verification Certificate is available through the National Student Clearinghouse by entering your secure area on UAOnline. Select Student Services file, click on Enrollment Verifications and follow the instructions. Call our office if you have any questions.


Q: How do I fill out this Change of Major form?
A: If you are currently admitted to a four-year program and are switching to another four-year program then be sure to have the new department chair sign the form. The department chair will assign you a new advisor.

If you are currently admitted to a two-year program or certificate program and are add or switching to a two-year/certicate program then be sure to have the program chair sign the form.

If you are a two-year/cerificate wanting to change or add a degree that is a four-year program then this is NOT the correct form. You must be formally admitted into UAF at the four-year level and will have to re-apply (if you contact the Office of Admissions then you will not have to pay the application fee again).

If you are a four-year wanting to change or add a degree that is a two-year/certificate program then this is NOT the correct form. You must be formally admitted into UAF at the two-year/certificate level and will have to re-apply (if you contact the Office of Admissions then you will not have to pay the application fee again).

Once you have completed the form and have the correct signatures then submit the form to the Graduation Dept. or the Office of the Registrar.

Q: How do I fill out the undergraduate petition form?
A: First you must put your name and mailing address in the box. Then you must fill in the information located to the right of the box. If you do not know what type of petition you are submitting just leave the line blank. The Graduation Dept. will fill it in for you.

If you are doing a major petition then you will need the signatures from your advisor and your department chair. Once you have these signatures then you submit the form to the Graduation Dept. or the Office of the Registrar.

If you are doing a core petition then you will need the signatures from your advisor and the academic department chair that you are asking the exception to (e.g. use History of the World: 1800 to present for HIST 100x, you would then get the signature of the History Department Chair ). You may also need supporting documentation for your petition. Please be prepared to provide it upon request. Once you have these signatures then you submit the form to the Graduation Dept. or the Office of the Registrar to forward on to the Core Committee for consideration. The Core committee generally meets every other week during the semester.

If you are doing a minor petition type then you will need the signatures from your advisor and your minor department chair. Once you have these signatures then you submit the form to the Graduation Dept. or the Office of the Registrar.

If you are doing an other petition type then you will need the signatures from your advisor and the Dean of your school or college. Once you have these signatures then you submit the form to the Graduation Dept. or the Office of the Registrar.

Q: What is required of the graduation application?
A: The graduation application deadline for fall is October 15 and the late deadline is November 15. The deadline for spring is February 15 and the late deadline is March 15. The summer deadline is June 15 with no late deadline. The graduation fee for the deadline is $50 and the graduation fee for the late deadlines is $80.

Once the graduation office receives your graduation application your file will be set-up and a degree audit will be completed and mailed to you and your major advisor. Once you receive this degree audit carefully review for any discrepancies with your advisor and report the discrepancies to the graduation office. If there are no discrepancies the graduation will wait until grades are posted either in December, May or August to find out your grades of your final classes and check that you have passed all of your courses. At that point a final degree check is done and the process will begin to start mailing out diplomas. The diplomas are mailed to the address that you specify on your graduation application. All degrees are mailed in January, June and September.

Q: How do I get a degree audit?
A: Please use UAOnline to do an unofficial audit and/or meet with your advisor to do an unofficial audit.  If your advisor is unavailable, please contact your academic department for assistance.

Q: Do I need to make a declaration of minor for a B.S. degree?
A: There is no declaration of minor needed if you are in a B.S. degree program. The minor must be declared before the beginning of the student's final semester in the B.A. degree program. Any minor approved for the B.A. degree may serve as a minor for the B.S. degree. All general and specific requirements for minors are the same as those listed for the B.A. degree minors, including, that courses used to meet minor requirements may not be used to meet major or general distribution requirements unless so designated. The catalog used for the minor must be the same as the catalog used for the major and the general degree requirements. Requirements for the minor must be approved by the minor department and be satisfactorily completed before the degree will be awarded. The form needs your major advisor's signature and also the department/program head's signature of the minor you want to receive.

Q: How do I request a duplicate diploma?
A: Use the replacement diploma form. Please list the last name on file now with the UAF Office of the Registrar or your last name officially on file when you graduated. You may change your name with UAF by filing a UAF Change of Name Form and the required official documents with the UAF Office of the Registrar

Commencement information

NOTE: Answers to many commencement questions can be found on the commencement website.

Q: What is the commencement schedule?
A: The Carlson Center opens to the public at noon.
Graduates lineup at: 12:15 p.m., in the upstairs hallways on either side, depending on academic college or school.

Faculty and Administration, Stage Party and Honorary Degree Recipients line up at: 12:30 p.m. in the Prow Room.

The Processional will begin at: 1:20 p.m. (Ceremony starts at 1:30 p.m.)
The Alumni Reception will immediately follow the Ceremony at the Carlson Center.

Q: Are tickets required for family and friends to attend the ceremony?
A: No, attending the commencement ceremony is open to the public.

Q: Where are the restrooms, water fountains and or pay phones?
A: Restrooms and fountains are upstairs on either side of the arena and near the Pioneer Room by the main entrance. Pay phones are near the Pioneer Room and upstairs by the elevator.

Q: How long is commencement?
A: It normally runs 2 1/2-3 hours in length. 

Q: If I did not attend the rehearsal, may I still attend the ceremony?
A: Yes, you may still participate in the ceremony. You need to go to their appropriate college/school location and speak with one of the registrar-designated staff for information and instructions. The Graduation Office, 110 Signers' Hall, will be open until 2 p.m. after the rehearsal if you have any questions.

Q: Where do I get my Honor Cords or other recognition items?
A: Honor cords/sashes are available from staff upstairs. Other recognition cords should have been handed out earlier by the awarding body and may or may not be available at the Carlson Center.

Q: How are academic honors calculated?
A: Academic honors are calculated by removing all incompletes (I), no basis (nb), audited (AU) courses, if you had fresh start all of that course work would be brought back into your cumulative GPA. Once all of these courses are removed or added from or to you're GPA and your GPA is still a 3.50 or higher and you have no transfer credit you will have academic honors. You will have Cum Laude if you have a 3.50 or higher, Magna Cum Laude if you have a 3.80 or higher and Summa Cum Laude if you have a 4.00 GPA.

If you do have transfer credits and have a 3.50 GPA from UAF all transfer credits will be calculated into your UAF cumulative GPA and if you still have a 3.50 or higher you will receive academic honors. If after your transfer credits are brought in and your cumulative GPA falls below a 3.49 you will NOT receive academic honors from UAF.

Q: Where do I place my tassel?
A: If you are an undergraduate, tassels are switched from right to left. At the end of the ceremony, the President of the Alumni Association will direct you as to when you will switch your tassels in unison, declaring you a graduate!

Q: My awards/honors are not listed in the program. Why?
A: We try to be as accurate as possible; however, we do sometimes make mistakes. It is possible that we miscalculated something, or did not receive correct info. We apologize for any errors on our part. 

Q: What do I do if I have an apparel situation or disasters?
A: Registrar staff will have pins, bobby pins, safety pins and other useful sundry items. The UAF Bookstore has an "emergency supply" of caps, gowns and tassels just inside the arena near the main entrance.

Q: Is there a professional photographer?
A: A professional photo is taken of each student and a proof sent to the student's address on file with the Registrar's Graduation Department. Photographer business cards are on the info tables, or they can be reached at the commencement website:

Q: Do I get an actual diploma on stage today?
A: No. August and December graduates should have already received their diplomas. May candidates, after being certified by the Graduation staff, should receive their diplomas by mid-June.

Q: Will there be videos for sale?
A: The ceremony is not video-taped, but guests are welcome to tape it as long as they do not disturb other guests. There may be no videotaping of the ceremony in any area where it blocks or otherwise affects anyone's view, etc. 

Q: What should I do with my personal items?
A: There is no secure area for personal items. They should be left in the student's car or with friends/family in the audience. Registrar Staff and volunteers will not hold anything for a student. 

Q: Where is the best place to see my student?
A: Any seat in the Carlson Center is a good seat. The student will cross the stage from left to right, as you face the stage. If you are taking photos, the family photography area is located on the right side of the stage. When your student is about to cross the stage, you may move into that area, take the photo, then leave the area to avoid congestion.

Q: Is there wheelchair seating?
A: There is plenty of wheelchair seating upstairs, or guests may sit toward the back inside the curtained area on the arena floor, taking care not to block any exits. The elevator is near the main entrance. Please contact Mary Matthews ext. 7043 with specific needs. 

Q: Do we have services for deaf or hearing-impaired guests?
A: Sign interpreters are seated in front of the stage on the left-hand side. Deaf guests may be seated in the reserved seating section so they can see the interpreters easily. We also have free enhanced-audio units available from the security office located behind the main entrance info table. Please see an usher for assistance.

Q: Do we have a large-print program?
A: Each info table has several large-print programs for use only by those in need of larger print for legitimate reasons.

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