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Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Duffy

Program Director
Professor; Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry



Curriculum Vitae

Phone: (+1) 907.474.7525

Dr. Todd Brinkman

Associate Program Director
Assistant Professor of Wildlife
Institute of Arctic Biology and Department of Biology and Wildlife
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7139

Stuart (Terry) Chapin, III

Founding Director 
Professor Emeritus; Institute of Arctic Biology and Department of Biologyand Wildlife
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7922

Gary Kofinas

Co-Founding Director 
Professor; Institute of Arctic Biology, Institute of Humans and the Environment, School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7078

Mary van Muelken

Program Coordinator
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7029


Gary Kofinas, (SC Chair/IGERT Co-PI) Dept. of Humans & Environment and Institute of Arctic Biology

Ray Barnhardt, Center for Cross-cultural Studies       

Terry Chapin, (IGERT PI) Institute of Arctic Biology and Dept. of Biology and Wildlife

Hajo Eicken, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics (on sabbaitcal to August 2012)

Julie Lurman-Joly, Dept. of Resources Management

Bernice Joseph, IGERT Co-PI, College of Rural and Community Development

Amy Lovecraft, Dept. of Political Science

Chanda Meek, Dept. of Political Science

Patrick Plattet, Dept. of Anthropology

Roger Ruess:  Dept. of Biology and Wildlife

Charles Jones -  PhD student and SC student member

Corrie Knapp - PhD student and SC student member

Winslow Hansen - Masters student and SC student member

The RAP Steering Committee is an interdisciplinary group that meets several times each year to set the direction of the program and advise on program policies. Many of the RAP Steering Committee members are actively involved as advisors of students, committee members, instructors of core RAP courses, and as members of the RAP admissions committee.

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