UAF photo by Todd Paris



Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Duffy

Program Director
Professor; Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry



Curriculum Vitae

Phone: (+1) 907.474.7525

Dr. Todd Brinkman

Associate Program Director
Assistant Professor of Wildlife
Institute of Arctic Biology and Department of Biology and Wildlife
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7139

Stuart (Terry) Chapin, III

Founding Director
Professor Emeritus; Institute of Arctic Biology and Department of Biologyand Wildlife
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7922

Gary Kofinas

Co-Founding Director
Professor; Institute of Arctic Biology, Institute of Humans and the Environment, School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7078

Mary van Muelken

Program Coordinator
Phone: (+1) 907.474.7029

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