Photo: Jim Magdanz

RAP Retreat 2014

Annual RAP retreat

Each fall, RAP students organize a retreat of faculty and students to present internship experiences, discuss key topics, address goals of the year, and share ideas of sustainability science. The retreat is an exchange of ideas, a chance to catch up with each other on research and other activities, and plan activities for the acadmic year.

We explore a special topic relevant to resilience and adaptation and chart the course for future program developments.  Together our community explores the challenges of doing integrated research in ways that provide meaningful insights to decision makers at the local, regional, national, and international scales.

Each year the RAP retreat features an invited guest speaker and/or a group of distinuised panelists.  The 2012 RAP Retreat proudly presented special guest Dr. Oran Young.  The 2013 Retreat is is set to host Dr. Nany Turner (University of Victoria, B.C.).

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