Save the date: Kit DesLauriers will be in Fairbanks September 3!

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the National Park Service, and University of Alaska-Fairbanks will host Kit DesLauriers, the first person to ski from the top of the highest point on each continent, also known as the Seven Summits, as well as the first woman to ski from the summit of Mt. Everest. On September 3, 2014, the  50th anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act,  Ms. DesLauriers  will participate in events  in Fairbanks, Alaska, to  commemorate  t he landmark conservation law that insured Americans could protect their most pristine wildlands for future generations.   Alpine climber, ski mountaineer, freeskiing champion--and mother of two young children--Kit  takes the opportunity to steward  pristine wildlands for future generations to  heart: she ensures her children have an appreciation for the natural world; offers mentoring to other parents of the next generation of lifelong outdoor enthusiasts; and inspires today's top adventure athletes with her ongoing feats (In 2013 Kit became the first woman to climb and ski Grand Teton solo). Kit and the Fairbanks community will celebrate how America's W ilderness landscapes inspire her-- and  millions of other Americans--to   continue to achieve her best self, and to enjoy  recreation, solitude and escape from the modern world, by getting  out on our wildest public lands. As the event schedule develops, details will be posted at http://www.wilderness50th.org/index.php and https://www.facebook.com/AlaskaWild50.
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