Criteria for acceptance

Our primary criteria for student acceptance into RAP are academic excellence and evidence of a deep commitment to, and vision for, the integration of natural and social sciences to address some an issue related sustainability. As well, students are accepted into RAP only if they have been accepted by a degree program or department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Click here for application.

The essay in your RAP application is the place for you to summarize your interest in issues of sustainability and tell how your past experiences and training have contributed to this interest. Most importantly, it is the place where you should articulate your vision for a graduate thesis topic that will help you address your long-term professional goals related to sustainability.

We do not expect you to have a well-defined thesis topic before you enter the program, but we are interested in knowing your current vision for your thesis research and long-term professional goals. This essay is the most effective way in which you can convince us that you should be accepted into RAP. Please write it carefully.

International students and graduate students enrolled at other universities: We encourage participation in RAP from international students and from graduate students enrolled at other universities in the United States . These students can enroll in RAP at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for one or more years by applying for admission to RAP (see Application Process). International students should work with the International Programs Office of UAF to apply for a student visa.

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