Student Video Projects

Aggie and Maggie!! RAHI 2011

A "must see"!

A humorous and informative interview with best buds Maggie Beans (Saint Mary's) and Agnes Nichols (Cordova).


Marina Anderson, RAHI 2010/2011

Raising Totem Poles/Cultural Sustainment

Marina Anderson, of Craig, attended RAHI in 2010, and RAHI II (now RAHI Research) in 2011. This powerful video reflects on her feelings on growing up Tlingit and Haida, as well as how the raising of totem poles connect her to her culture. A must see!


Ana Otten, RAHI 2011

Culturally Responsive Schools

Ana speaks with RAHI and Koyuk community members to try and express what makes a culturally responsive school.


Georgia Koonuk, RAHI 2010

Georgia investigates the impact of alcohol on the village of Point Hope in this powerful two-part series.


Part One


Part Two

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