Required gear for optional Archaeology field school

Archaeology students must bring these items

For those students choosing to participate in the RAHI/TCC Archaeology Field School, please note you will need to bring these items with you to RAHI.  

  • Rain gear and boots for wet, muddy conditions (see below)
  • Sleeping bag rated to 20 rated to 20 ° F (synthetic or down, no cotton
  • Closed cell foam sleeping pad, should roll to diameter no more than 12”
  • Waterproof duffle bag or pack to transport all gear in rain
  • Day pack

These items can be rented from UAF Outdoor program for a fee.

  • Sleeping bag      $60 for two weeks
  • Sleeping pad      $20 for two weeks
  • Waterproof bag  $40 for two weeks

If you do not bring your own gear, you will be responsible for paying the rental charges – RAHI cannot provide these items.

Notes on clothing and footwear 
Rain gear must be a rugged full suit with hooded jacket and pants. The rain gear should be sized to fit loosely over your heaviest clothing.

Best: commercial fisherman’s grade, Helly-Hansen or equivalent.
Not acceptable: ponchos, military surplus, anything with cheap fabric, zippers and snaps.

Footwear must be of good quality and adapted to rough, wet and muddy conditions
Best: one pair Goodrich “XTRATUF” Neoprene boots for wet weather and mud, and one pair of running shoes or light hiking boots. Boots or shoes should be lace-up. Size footwear to wear over heavy socks. 

Clothing – you will need a range of clothes covering warm summer to cold, wet and windy weather. Wind and rain common. Usually it’s a mix of sunny days and light rain, but the severe weather is always a possibility. Cotton can be worn for rugged outer clothing, but must not be depended on for warmth in wet weather. Here is a typical list for two weeks:

  • Four pair heavy weight boot socks (wool or polypro, no cotton)
  • Light weight polypro long underwear, shirt and long-johns;
  • Two t-shirts (may be cotton or polypro);
  • Two heavy over-shirts (may be cotton, wool or rugged synthetic)
  • Two pair rugged work pants (may be cotton, light wool, or rugged synthetic). Carhart’s are a good choice.
  • One medium weight synthetic fleece jacket
  • One medium weight synthetic fleece or down vest.
  • Sun hat
  • Warm hat - stocking cap, balaclava, dog-musher’s cap or equivalent (wool or fleece, no cotton).
  • One pair winter weight gloves (wool or synthetic, no cotton). TCC will supply cotton work gloves.
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