Time To Register For Fall 2014!

Before you can register you must consult your advisor!

Janet Schichnes is the Undergraduate Adviser for the Department of Psychology, please call to make an appointment.

What YOU need to do:

1. CHECK DEGREE WORKS. See which courses you need for graduation

2. REVIEW THE SCHEDULE at and draft a tentative list of classes. Note: UAF is “going green”, no schedule booklets are being printed.

3. PRINT your individual Registration Form from:

4. CALL Jill M Dewey-Davidson at 474-7007 to schedule an advising appointment with Janet Schichnes, Undergraduate Advisor.

5. KEEP your appointment – bring your Registration Form, your questions, and a list of possible courses.

6. CALL 474-7007 if you need to cancel – PLEASE!!!!

7. REGISTER for classes on-line or with Janet.

~ If you do not know how to access Degree Works or print your registration form, Jill M Dewey-Davidson can show you. She is located on the 7th Floor of the Gruening bldg in the Department of Psychology.


Step # 1: Go to

Step # 2: Click on “Login To Secured Area (students, staff & faculty)

Step # 3: LOGIN with User ID & password

Step # 4: Select “Student Services & Acct Information”

Step # 5: Click on “Registration”

Step # 6: Select “Check Your Registration Eligibility”

Step # 7: Select "Term" (defaults to upcoming term)

Step # 8: Click on "SUBMIT" ~The next window should display: Your resistration form

Step # 9: “Print your UAF Registration Form"


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