2013 Cultural Experience

Both UAF & UAA hold this event in high regard due to the connections made and perspective's taught!

UAF's Dr. Webster and many others taking in the Alaskan Native artwork during their tour.

Alaska Native Medical Center. Anchorage, AK. August 2013

~The cultural experience brings together the incoming student cohort, introduces them to the program, exposes them to the importance of culture and its impact on individuals and communities, and introduces them to the students already in the program.

~Guest speakers who participate in our cultural experience lead both large group and small group break-out sessions. They lead and participate in discussions on various topics, including indigenous cultures. This event is often the first exposure our students have to the various cultures in Alaska.

~This year the attendees of the cultural experience were granted unprecedented access to the South-central Foundation and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium facilities. Including a visit to their Primary Care Clinics, the Traditional Healing Clinic, the Alaska Native Medical Center and elders and advisors.  

Alaska native beading is a tradition that goes back generations and touches many future ones!

Taking a stroll through the Healing Herb Garden.

Traditional Healing Clinic. Anchorage, AK. August 2013

Elders marvel at the artwork within the Alaska Native Medical Center

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