UAF-UAA Joint Ph.D. Program in Clinical-Community Psychology

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The Ph.D. Program's Cultural Experience

  • Meaning:

This gratifying occasion will increase your knowledge of Alaska diversity with the integration of the past, present and future in harmony.

Thank you, The Cultural Committee & Advisors


  • Objectives:

The Cultural Experience varies from year to year, but includes direct exposure to Alaska Native and other cultural worldviews.

The values and life experiences through contact with cultural elders, emerging leader's, and advisors is how this wisdom is obtained.

The goal of the Cultural Experience is to provide an opportunity to interact directly with cultures in a non-classroom setting.


  • The Cultural Experience aims to:

Enhance understanding and awareness of Alaska Native cultural traditions, healing practices, and ways of life .

Facilitate relationships with cultural advisors and Elders.

Increase the importance & understanding the role that "culture" plays in psychology.

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