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New & Ongoing Student Research

The department is thrilled to announce the following......

Sona 2014 Online Research Studies Can Be Found Here:



Sona research study link:



The available research studies:

  • Development of a Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) Program for Alaska Natives
  • Enhancing Normative Data on Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Responses
  • Juror Decision-Making in Alaska
  • Subject Pool Prescreen Study  

To access the studies, please use the link provided and request an account to become a New Participant!

If you have any questions or need any help please do not hesitate to contact the Dept of Psychology at 907-474-7007 or via email at

Thank you kindly ~Jill

Ms. Sharma & her colorful research poster.

Graduate student, Dinghy Sharma and her take on "Quality of Life" through research.

Grad student, Dinghy Sharma was invited to attend the Native Children's Research Exchange II 2012, Frontiers in Intervention Research with Native Children, Families, and Communities conference that was held at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus on October 4-5th.

During the poster symposia Ms. Sharma was able to share her research entitled, "What Makes Life Good?: Co-Developing a Quality of Life Measure for Use with Alaska Native College Students", under the mentorship of Dr. Ellen D.S. Lopez, MPH, Ph.D.

Ms. Sharma was not only honored to attend the event & share their research findings, but also had the great opportunity to learn from other NCRE scholars and mentors.

If you wish to learn more, please visit the University of Colorado NCRE website:

What's All The Hype About Sugar Water..........OR is there!?

~Psychology student Omar Rutledge taking notes on the effects of "sugar water".

Body Image and Disordered Eating.....Plenty of research there!

~Dr. Skewes & undergrad psychology student, Jordyn Montgomery, happily compiling data for her Senior Thesis presentation.