Tim Lower, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Psi Chi Faculty Advisor

Dr. Tim Lower enjoying a summer afternoon. 2011

Spring 2014 Office Hours

Wednesdays 2-4pm & by appointment.

To see or speak to Dr. Lower, please contact him direct!

If you need any assistance please call the Department of Psychology at 907-474-7007.

Thank you

Contact Information:

Office:  705C Gruening Building
Phone:  474-6179
Fax:  474-5781

Research Interests:

Dr. Lower's research interests center on the forms and functions of culture, cultural systems, and cultural identification. Given that Dr. Lower's PhD is in cross-cultural psychology, he tends to look for both universal human patterns and culturally specific knowledge systems as they are revealed through various cultures. 

He is also interested in evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, and comparative psychology. Finally, several of the cultural processes he studies have implications for mental and physical health (see, e.g., this chapter). As with most cross-cultural psychologists and behavioral anthropologists, his degree and therefore the research methods he tends to use are interdisciplinary in nature. The projects he operates out of his labs are an expression his research interests.                              

More information about Dr. Lower's teaching, research and service can be found on his personal website via the link below.

Communication of any kind is a interest of Dr. Lower's. Especially, if it's alien!
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