Dr. Kendra Campbell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Of Psychology

Dr. Kendra Campbell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Kendra Campbell

Spring 2015 Office Hours

Wednesdays 12-2pm & by appointment

Office:  704B Gruening Building
Phone:  474-1588
Fax:  474-5781
Email: kendra.campbell@alaska.edu

.~ If unable to reach Dr. Campbell, please call the Department of Psychology direct. We are always happy to assist!

Dept Contact Information:

Phone:  (907) 474-7007

Email:  uaf-psychology-dept@alaska.edu

For more information on the UAF-UAA Joint Ph.D. Program, please visit the link below:

 UAA-UAF Joint Ph.D. Program Link

~ Dr. Campbell, is always happy to answer any inquiries regarding the UAF Joint Ph.D. Program.

Education & Training:

-Postdoctoral Fellowship in Primary Care Psychology, San Francisco VA Medical Center

-Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Seattle Pacific University

-B.A. in Psychology, University of Southern California

Research Interests:

Dr. Campbell’s clinical and research interests focus on family relational issues and integrated healthcare. She is currently developing the Family and Preventative Health Lab at UAF. Research topics in Dr. Campbell’s lab include:

  • Factors related to pre- and post-natal preventative health
  • Impact of stress hormones on relational functioning
  • MRI correlates associated with health and relational functioning
  • Evaluation of integrated healthcare and primary care-behavioral health programs
  • Evaluation of early parenting prevention programs

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Dulin, P., Gonzalez, V., & Campbell, K.   (2013). Results of a pilot test of a self-administered Smartphone-based treatment system for alcohol use disorders: Usability and early outcomes. Substance Abuse. doi:10.1080/08897077.2013.821437

Campbell, K. , Baughn, D., Shunk, R., & Romano, E. (2013). Advancing Integrated Primary Care Education in the VA Medical System. Symposium presentation at the annual convention of the Collaborative Family Health Association, Denver, CO.

Baughn, D., Campbell, K., Delany-Brumsey, A., Ratner, J., & Filanosky, C. (2013). Rapid access to integrated health in an urban VA. Poster presentation at the annual convention for the Society for Behavioral Medicine, San Francisco, CA.

(Campbell) Jones, K., Welton, S.R., Oliver, T.C., & Thoburn, J.W. (2011). Mindfulness, spousal attachment, and marital satisfaction: A mediated model. The Family Journal, 19, 353-364. doi: 10.1177/1066480711417234

Campbell, K. & Thoburn, J.W. (2011). Mindful parenting: The relationships among trait mindfulness, parenting s tress, and parental responsiveness.  Poster presentation at the APA annual convention, Washington, DC.

Stozier, M., Campbell, K., Oliver, T.C., Cecchet, S., & Thoburn, J.W. (2010). A systems approach to medicine: Implications for training and practice. Paper symposium at the APA annual convention, San Diego, CA.

Professional Organization Memberships:

-Society for Behavioral Medicine

-Collaborative Family Healthcare Association

-Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

-American Psychological Association:

  • Division 12: Society of Clinical Psychology
  • Division 18: Society for Psychologists in Public Service
  • Division 38: Health Psychology
  • Division 43: Society for Family Psychology
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