University Planning Office


Under the direction of the Provost, the University Planner is involved in most university planning efforts to insure that those efforts support, and are integrated into, the university’s mission of teaching, research and service.  University Planning (UP) provides space planning, analysis and management for the Fairbanks Campus.


To insure the integration of the university’s core themes into all planning activities and oversee best practices in space utilization that support the university mission.


The development, integration, implementation, and evaluation of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) plans, including the Strategic, Academic, Research, Enrollment Management, Development, Planning and Budget, Community Engagement, and Campus Master Plans, will insure measurable results in both actions and outcomes that support   the mission.

The use and management of all university space will support and enhance teaching, research and public service activities at the University of Alaska Fairbanks while maximizing the utilization of this valuable resource.



Responsive Planning - Plans have value only if they are an integral part of the culture of the institution.   While providing guidance for decision-making, UAF’s plans must also be flexible and responsive to changing needs and demands.

Managing Change - UAF must manage change in order to respond to the teaching, research and service needs of an extremely widespread and diverse constituency. Through innovative and creative planning, UAF will insure that it meets the needs of its public while providing consistent, quality service.

Creative Solutions - The evaluation of space utilization and the execution of creative space solutions to support the mission, vision and values of the university is the cornerstone of UP space management.

Space Request Procedures at UAF

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