Your role as the unit coordinator is vital to the success of the IAS process.  Thank you for your assistance.

At UAF, it is mandatory that IAS forms be distributed in all courses/sections with the following exceptions:

  • The course/section has less than five students enrolled (Note: May be evaluated at the instructor's discretion),
  • The course/section is less than three weeks in duration,
  • The course/section is a linked laboratory class, or
  • The course/section is independent study or individualized instruction (practical, internship, study abroad, etc.).

Note:Lab classes and classes with individualized instruction may be evaluated at the instructor's discretion; however, independent study sections (_97, _98, and _99) will not be evaluated.

An online version of the survey form is available upon request for distance and web-based courses. Please contact the Provost's Office for more information.

Important Reminders for Unit Coordinators:
  • Please ensure that headers are filled out completely, correctly and in pencil.
  • Keep all completed surveys locked in a secure location.
  • Do not copy original forms.  The reader machine cannot process copied forms.
  • Submit student response forms “as is."   Do not alter completed forms.
  • Use only pencil to complete all forms.  Forms done in pen will not be processed. 
  • Instructors may not have access to completed forms.
  • Only currently enrolled students can complete a course evaluation. Withdrawn and dropped students CANNOT be included in any part of the evaluation.
  • After completion, all forms should go to the unit coordinator first for processing.
  • Do not use labels or white out as both jam the processing machines.
  • Students may view the IAS instructor evaluation results at the ASUAF website.
  • Note: Forms done incorrectly will be sent back to the unit which will delay processing.
What is the process (paper-based surveys)?
  • Ask Instructors for form type and number of forms needed for each course at the beginning of the semester.
  • Unit coordinators request forms needed for the current semester from the campus coordinator (Provost's Office).
       Note: Please do not stockpile forms. If new versions of forms are implemented, all old forms will be invalid. You can always request additional forms as needed. 
  • Unit coordinators prepare packets for each course and instructor using course labels provided by campus coordinator.
  • During the last 2 weeks of instruction, the Instructor selects a student courier to administer survey.
       Note: Instructors must leave the room while survey is administered and cannot handle completed student surveys at any point. The student courier reads the directions and passes out the survey in class.
  • Student courier returns the sealed packet of completed forms to the designated drop-off site.
  • Yellow comment forms are included for students. Comment forms are to be removed by the unit coordinator before being sent to the campus coordinator and turned in to the instructor. The instructor is the only one who can see student comment forms (comment form (pdf) template).
  • If one you are a coordinator at one of the off-campus CTC or CRCD sites, please send all forms to the main unit coordinator.
  • Unit coordinator sends processed forms to the campus coordinator, Brandi Marrero (
  • Campus coordinator does a final process of forms and ships to University of Washington (UW) for electronic processing.
  • UW returns reports of processed forms (usually takes 5-8 weeks).
  • Campus coordinator makes copies of reports and distributes to units for filing.
What are Header forms?

Header forms ("Instructor Information" forms) are vital as they provide specific information for each course, including the instructor name and course title and section.   During processing, these forms are electronically read and the results are reported exactly as the headers are presented.

How do I complete the Header forms?

The following instructions apply to all Header ("Instructor Information") forms:



  • Must be filled out in pencil from left to right.
  • Complete one header form for each instructor and each course surveyed.
  • Please fill in the instructor’s last name first followed by first name. Leave a blank space (no bubble) between last and first, not a dash (unless the last name is hyphenated).
       NOTE: Please use the instructor's full name: Samuel, not Sam; Anthony, not Tony.
  • If a course is taught by a TA please list the name of the TA, not the instructor.
       NOTE:  The institution code for UAF is UAK and all CRCD courses, including CTC, will now have an R at the end (example: ABUSR).
What are the GROUP codes on the Headers?

FC = Fairbanks campus
DD = Distance Delivery
SS = Summer Sessions
RCP = Rural College Programs (includes CDE, DANRD, CRCD Health)
TVC = Community and Technical College, formerly Tanana Valley Campus
BBC = Bristol Bay Campus
CC = Chukchi Campus
IAC = Interior Aleutians Campus
KUC = Kuskokwim Campus
NWC = Northwest Campus
XL = Cross listed course
STK = Stacked course
TT = Team-taught course

What if a course has multiple instructors?

Fill out a header sheet and set of IAS forms for each instructor (i.e. if the lab has a teaching assistant and a professor, or two professors co-teaching a course – each person needs a header)

  • One Person Per Header Sheet - Do not list multiple people on one header.
    NOTE: If you list multiple people on one header, only the first person will receive results.
What if a course has multiple sections?

Courses with multiple sections require a separate header completed for each section, unless the same individual teaches all sections.

What if the class is cross-listed (stacked courses)?

Separate headers must be completed, one for each course with five or more students (do not combine student counts in cross-listed or stacked courses to satisfy the five student minimum). 

  • For example, the stacked course ENGL200/400 requires two sets of IAS forms: one set for students registered for ENGL200 and one set for students registered for ENGL400.  The cross-listed course HIST200/WMS200 also requires two sets of forms: one set for students registered under History, and one set for students registered under Women's Studies.
Courier Instructions:

(PDF  format for printing)

Thank you for agreeing to act as a representative for the students in this class! By following the instructions given here, you will help assure that the responses and comments made by the students in this class are properly handled and the results accurately produced.


UAF was directed by the Board of Regents to develop a process to obtain Student Opinion of Instruction, and, in 1980 the UAF Faculty Senate passed a resolution adopting a university-administered process. The resolution states, “the results of evaluations are to be used to aid curriculum improvement, to aid in improvement of teaching by individual faculty, for documentation for faculty promotion and tenure, and to aid students in course selection.” Because of the importance of your opinion, please mark your responses carefully. We encourage you to take this opportunity to provide your opinion on the survey forms as well as an opportunity to provide written feedback directly to your instructor on the yellow comment sheets. The yellow comment sheets are not read by anyone other than the instructor. Survey reports are available for review at the ASUAF office. The Office of the Provost, in conjunction with each College/School, administers the process.


  • Pass out a No.2 lead pencil to any student who does not have one to use.
       Note: Only use No. 2 pencils to fill out responses; forms filled out in pen will not be processed! 
  • Please give students the following instructions:

a. Fill in the instructor’s last and first name, the course number, and the section number on the top of the survey form (and on comment sheet if student chooses to make additional comments).

b. Darken bubbles completely and USE ONLY A No. 2 PENCIL.

c. Please do not write on back of questionnaire.  Use the separate yellow sheet for any written comments (or they will not be processed). 

  • Collect all completed response forms and comment sheets and put them back in the course packet
  •  Take completed surveys to designated drop-off site.
Drop Off Locations:

Your Dean/Director’s office, or the following sites if your class is after hours

  • Wood Center Information Desk
  • Room 109 U Park
  • UAF CTC front desk (5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Mon-Fri and 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Saturday)
What happens if the surveys for a class are returned with multiple form types? (ie: A and X)

If the completed surveys are returned to you and a class has mixed survey forms completed, please include all forms, regardless of letter, with the Header.  The machine that reads the forms cannot process mixed forms.  If the majority of the completed forms are A forms with a few X forms, the A forms will be processed and the X forms will be returned unprocessed.

Is there an online version of the survey?

An online version of the IAS survey form is available upon request for distance and web-based courses.  To request an online IAS survey, please complete the template (Excel spreadsheet) at least three weeks prior to the end of the course and email the completed forms to Brandi Marrero.

Important notes about online surveys:

  • Surveys are open for student responses during the last ten days of a distance or web-based course. The survey should close on the last day of instruction, excluding the week of finals.
  • If requesting an online survey, please do so three weeks prior to the end of the course.   
  • Online IAS surveys are not prepared for courses with three (3) or fewer students.
  • Courses with a face-to-face component will be charged an online survey fee.
  • E-Learning online course surveys (for courses with an alpha-X-# section number, for example TX1 or UX2) are not set up by our office. E-Learning offers an online survey separate from the IAS course evaluation system and automatically sets these up for all their courses.
Common online survey error messages or issues:
  • Error #677:   No ID was supplied on the evaluation form.  This can happen if the field was left blank or if the firewall on the browser blocks the ID field.
  • Error message received upon submission: Sometimes the system rejects a survey submission when there is a firewall or anti-virus software on the computer that prevents the system from reading the student ID number.  If this occurs, please try to re-submit the survey from a different computer and notify the campus coordinator, Brandi Marrero (, if submission is unsuccessful.


For more information about IAS Online Surveys, please contact Brandi Marrero by email or phone at (907) 474-6634, or visit the University of Washington's Online IAS page

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