Sabbatical Leave

The procedures and eligibility criteria are outlined in Article 16.6 of the UNAC CBA or Article 5.5 of the UAFT CBA.  Please review the appropriate article to determine your eligibility to apply. 

Note: applications for sabbatical leave during AY17-18 deadline date is October 24, 2016. AY16-17 was due October 24, 2015.


If you are eligible and choose to apply, prepare the following:
  1. Complete a Sabbatical Leave Application Form.
  2. Prepare a complete description of the proposed leave project, activities, and travel plan.  Describe the objectives of your proposed leave and the expected benefits to yourself and UAF.
  3. Provide documentation indicating arrangements with cooperating institutions, individuals, agencies, etc., or include a statement explaining the plan to secure such arrangements or why it is not necessary.
  4. Provide a copy of your current Curriculum Vitae.
Submit this information to your department chair (UNAC faculty members), or campus dean or director (UAFT faculty members), on or before the October 24 deadline indicated on the review schedule.
For additional information or questions contact Jennifer Hoppough at (907)474-7096 or

Review Schedules Application Forms Sabbatical Leave Funding Forms Sabbatical Leave Report Form
UAFT Review Schedule UAFT Sabbatical Application UAFT Sabbatical Leave Funding Form

Sabbatical Leave Report Form


UNAC Review Schedule UNAC Sabbatical Application UNAC Sabbatical Leave Funding Form


Sabbatical Leave FAQs

Notice regarding Sabbatical Leave and Permanent Fund Dividend Eligibility (Post and browse available homes across the world - provided as a courtesy.)

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