Promotion & Tenure (UAFT)

Guidelines for Promotion/Tenure Review for UAFT Faculty

All faculty undergoing tenure and/or promotion review in AY17-18 must submit their review binder as scheduled, and shall also submit their Annual Activity Report for AY16-17 via Faculty 180 by September 15, 2017.

If you are applying for tenure and/or promotion this year, the information located on this web site will help you put together your application file.  The deadline for submitting your file to your campus director is September 15.

The documents that govern promotion and tenure review are Article 5.4 of the UAFT collective bargaining agreement and the "Blue Book" - UAF's Policies and Regulations concerning faculty appointment and evaluation.

These materials are designed to assist you in understanding the review process to be used (Part I) and to provide some suggestions for preparing your tenure-promotion application (Part II).  Please review these suggestions carefully, as they may contribute to the overall effectiveness of your application.  Part III contains all the forms that you need to complete for your file.

As further guidance, I would like to emphasize that peer unit members and administrators are primarily concerned that the application and supporting materials present a record which demonstrates balanced performance and/or progress in each of the required areas of faculty responsibility appropriate to your position.  You are especially encouraged to address in this summary any aspects of your position or your record, which you feel deserve special consideration, or which you feel might not be readily apparent to those evaluating your file.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please consult your dean/director or contact Jennifer Hoppough at (907)474-7096 or

Please note: The use of plastic sleeves in review binders is prohibited, unless used to include single items that are originals, oddly shaped, or cannot otherwise be hole-punched.  Any AY17-18 binders received that have all pages in plastic sleeves will be returned to the candidate for their removal.

Part I - Process and Procedures

Part II - Suggestions for Preparation of Files

Part III - Appendix of Required Forms and Materials

Best Practices

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