Post-Tenure Review (UAFT)

Guidelines for Post-Tenure-Review - UAFT Faculty

NOTE: All faculty undergoing post-tenure review in AY14-15 must submit their review binder as scheduled, and shall also submit their Annual Activity Report for AY13-14 via Faculty 180 by October 2, 2014.  Please see Provost's Henrich's memorandum for additional information.

All faculty at UAF will be reviewed post-tenure on a 3-year cycle.  The faculty member will prepare a file consisting of an Annual Activity Report for the previous year, a current curriculum vitae, and an optional self-evaluation for the three year period and submit it to the campus director according to the schedule.

The campus director will add copies of the faculty members' IAS forms from the past three years, and copies of Annual Activities Reports for the prior two years. Evaluative feedback will be provided to the faculty member at each level of review.

Date of Last Promotion or Post-Tenure Dean's Review

Next Post-Tenure Dean's Review   

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