Guidelines for Promotion Review for Non-Represented Faculty

Faculty who are not members of a bargaining unit due to a an administrative assignment are able to stand for promotion.  This promotion process is not intended to apply to executives, even though they may have a faculty title and may carry out some faculty duties.  Executives are not eligible to stand for promotion via the faculty process.

If you are applying for promotion this year, the information located on this web site will help you put together your application file.  The deadline for submitting your review file to your dean or director is October 2.  The "Blue Book," UAF's Policies and Regulations concerning Faculty Appointment and Evaluation, govern promotion review.

The materials below are designed to assist you in understanding the review process (Part I) and to provide some suggestions for preparing your promotion application (Part II).  Please review these suggestions carefully, as they may contribute to the overall effectiveness of your file.  Part III contains all forms needed to complete your file.

Please see the motion passed by the Faculty Senate at Meeting #166 here for additional information.

If you have questions please contact Jennifer Hoppough at (907)474-7096 or


Part I - Process and Procedures

Part II - Suggestions for Preparation of Files

Part III - Appendix of Required Forms and Materials

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