The People’s Endowment was established at the UA Foundation in 1986 with the intent to provide a source of funds for projects that will improve UAF but would likely remain unfunded due to institutional priorities. Grants are intended to be used for a special project or to fill a critical need at UAF. Proposals will be accepted from UAF faculty, staff, and students. All proposals will be submitted to the People’s Endowment Board for review and selection.

Past Awards

Spring 2012 Awardees:

     Arctic Gardeners United: $5,000

     Permafrost Literary Journal: $2,500

     Music of the Sikuliaq: $5000 

Fall 2012 Awardees:

      Innocent Eye: The Africa Photographs of Adrina Knutson: $3,829

     Art Classroom Equipment: $2,000

     2nd Annual Celebration of Writing: $1,500

     Ethics Bowl: $2,500

     Midnight Sun Visiting Writers’ Series: $1,000

     UAF Alaska Agriculture Appreciation Day: $500

     NATS Voice Competition: $980

     Confluences An International Culture Exchange Through Music Performance, Composition &

          Teaching at UiTM in Shah Alam, Malaysia: $1,300

Spring 2013 Awardees:

     Midnight Sun Visiting Writer Series: $1,000

     Permafrost Literary Journal: $1,000

     Graduate Students Presenting Thesis Concepts at the

          Northwest Communication Association: $2,000

     The Origins of Peace Making Circles Video: $3,000

     Elements of Climate Change: Artist’s Perspective: $2,500

     Residence Community Garden: $600

     K’Ennaanee Kkaazoot Travel Funding: $2,500

     Beginning/Intermediate and Conditioning Swimming: $955.25

General questions about this grant can be addressed to the Provost’s Office at 474-7096 or jahoppough@alaska.edu.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educational institution. 1/08

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