Appointment, Workload, and Evaluation

UAF recruits and strives to retain the highest quality faculty available in a diverse cadre of types of positions and appointments to meet its broad mission. Faculty members may be full- or part-time, may hold academic rank as Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor or may hold one of several special academic ranks such as Lecturer, Adjunct, Affiliate, Visiting Research, or Distinguished. Positions may be tenure-track or non tenure-track and appointments may be continuing, fixed term or terminal. The workload and evaluation procedures for faculty vary by the type of position, appointment and the relevant collective bargaining agreement. For example, the processes established for regular, full time faculty regarding workload, evaluation, and promotion and tenure do not apply to adjunct faculty. The purpose of this site is to help faculty locate the relevant definitions of the types of positions and appointments and the related evaluation processes.


UAF employs a diverse cadre of faculty holding appointments with academic rank or special academic rank. While the majority of the materials on this site address issues related to regular, full time faculty, we want to acknowledge the important role adjunct faculty play at UAF. Adjunct faculty should consult their immediate supervisor for more information. There are several key documents governing faculty appointment, evaluation and life in general at UAF that faculty should learn to use regularly. The Board of Regents Policies and University Regulations and the “Blue Book” (UAF’s Policies and Regulations) document the basics of faculty employment, including appointment, evaluation, and types of leave. Additionally, with a handful of non-represented faculty, all faculty members are represented by one of three collective bargaining units listed below. In many instances faculty rights and responsibilities and related documentation (forms) are designed specifically with a particular bargaining unit in mind. If you are uncertain as to the bargaining unit to which you belong, please contact your dean's or director’s office.

Collective bargaining agreements may also be accessed at the Statewide Labor Relations website:


Annually faculty must complete a workload plan, in consultation with their department chair and dean or director.

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